Tuesday, November 29, 2011


December 1st BIG NEWS is coming...as if the first Naked Palette isn't amazing enough, Urban Decay is doing it again. I can only speculate on it for now, but I will be keeping you up to date with minute by minute news! Im hoping to see a nice even mixture of matts & shimmers in the second generation palette - not because I adore matts (you ladies KNOW I love my shimmer!), but because the main issue I found when reviewing The Naked Palette is the fact that it wasn't truly universal - People with hooded eyes, mature skin, or those who can't really wear shimmer at work or school couldn't fully enjoy this palette. Maybe even 4 matts would be brilliant in N2.

Along with The Naked Palette becoming an enormous cult favorite among MUAs and Beauty Lovers alike, Urban Decay has dedicated an entire link to the Nakedness boasting lip colors and even the Midnight Emergency Kit. I see no issue with this - I love how UD takes on the hum drum of neutrals and turns them NaKeD!

So what are YOU hoping to see in the Naked 2? Leave a comment!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Delicious Sweets & Buxom Blossoms hit Japanese runways

Check this out! Im not hatin' in it!

CYBER MONDAY!! Sigma! Glamour Doll Eyes! Lime Crime!

Hey beauties! Today is the much awaited day - CYBER MONDAY! I could really use your help this year - PRETTY PLEASE if you decide to shop SIGMA, GLAMOUR DOLL EYES, or LIME CRIME COSMETICS use the below links! Just click on the picture and it will take you to the page! I stand behind these 3 companies 110% and am a consumer of all three myself!

Glamour Doll Eyes is having 20% off purchases of $15 or more!

Sigma has several new brush sets out including the long awaited CITY COLLECTIONS!

&& Lime Crime has 3 LIMITED EDITION Lipstick Noirs that you can't miss!

Im trying hard to get some awesome giveaways for you from these companies, but I need to see your support first. Thank you all so much <3

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Social Networking, Anyone?

Good evening ladies!! I found it about time that I created some other means of connecting with my favorite ladies in the world - ALL OF YOU! While I know many of you have found me on my personal Facebook (I use it primarily for colleagues, keeping in touch with my old high school friends, old college friends, and family), I thought it would be really fun to Tweet with you too!

SO follow me on TWITTER so I can follow you back!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Purple is the new Black

A few days ago a friend of mine from high school who is now a brilliant Registered Nurse contacted me and asked if I had any suggestions or tips for how to wear her usual favorite purple shades on her eyes and any other tips for a work-appropriate look that stays fresh and beautiful all day long!

Skin is our largest organ, and our face is the first thing that clients will see,drinking lots of water, eating right, and lots of sleep are all great factors in skin care. As an LVT I know just how crucial it is to not only have a professional attitude but also that my clients see me as someone they can trust, someone who is professional. Having a clean and awakened face is the first step.

- Use a pore restricting cleanser!

- Moisturize with a gel (Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel) that is great for oily or combo skin, especially during a labor intensive job where perspiration is inevitable.

- PRIMER - a great investment - even if you decide to skip foundation, a primer will keep a barrier between your skin and outside factors. Or if you do use foundation, the primer keeps your skin protected. I use several different primers, but the one I recommend for gals on the go is Laura Geller *Spackel*.

- FOUNDATION - Shannon expressed that she only wears foundation underneath her eyes and that it can irritate her face, I think this may not be a foundation issue so much as a brand issue. I think that if nothing else, INVEST IN A GOOD, HIGH QUALITY FOUNDATION. A "One Step" is a great idea - this will have primer in it already! Try: STILLA'S ONE STEP or HARD CANDY's JUST FACE IT.

- Concealer: THINK BRIGHT NOT LIGHT! Underneath the eyes will be a great addition to making your face appear awake and refreshed. A great and inexpensive choice is REVLON AGE DEFYING UNDER EYE CONCEALER - it helps constrict capillaries and decrease puffiness.

- POWDER FOUNDATION - this is a great option if you are prone to break outs - this will also help your face stay fresh and absorb oil. LAURA GELLER BALANCE-N-BRIGHTEN is my 1st choice!

Shannon loves her purples, she also loves looking professional - lucky for her there's a great way to do both! Here is the rundown of how eyes should be done:

- First apply your eyeshadow primer - eyeshadow should NEVER be worn without it, otherwise your shadow will crease and fade making you appear tired and unkempt.

- Now choose a light flesh toned or goldish white color to place on your brow bone. A light application will do. Also place this color right in the corner of your eye (tear duct) - this will make your eyes look fresh, awake, and ready!

- Next choose your primary purple, I like NARS purple in the Bysance Duo && Medussa'a "Electro Purple" - this color can be a vibrant purple or a sallow purple - place it on your lid up to your crease with a shadow brush.

- Now choose a taupe colored purple - something flat and slightly darker. Place this in your crease (socket) with a flurry shadow brush, blend this well - you should NOT have harsh lines. This creates depth and makes our faces really come alive.

- Now take your initial lid purple and place it as a bottom liner. Also line your top lash line *lightly* with a black liner. Or brown if you choose.

- MASCARA TIME! Use a black mascara with this look - use a mascara that lengthens and volumes - mascara opens up your eyes.

Eyebrows frame our face, be sure to fill in sparse areas with a pencil, they should have a distinct shape and an obvious apex, or arch.

- a light pink or mauve blush applied to your cheek's apples will do.

-Bronzer lightly dusted on the face (on the areas the sun naturally hits) will liven up your skin giving you a healthy glow.

As a healthcare professional, we rarely get even a moment to "fix our lips" at work - for all intents and purposes, go with a balm! I like EOS :-)

I truly hope this help, I am really glad Shannon asked about some tips because I know how how many working women are out there - MOMS INCLUDED! And we don't always have time to do every step possible to ensure a flawless face, so the above is intended to make it a little easier and help you look fresh, awake, and appropriate for work!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspiration & Giveaways...

Good Morning girls :-) Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING! I love The Holiday Season, I am one of those people who has no issues with the fact that Christmas decor goes up in Macy*s && Nordys at the end of October or that Hallmark Channel plays Christmas movies each night - its the holiday that brings out so much love and inspires each and every one of us to give of ourselves. Why not celebrate a little extra? In the spirit of things, I want to take a moment to talk about how blessed we are. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for all of you, I want to kick off The Holidays with a Christmas Giveaway - now I was inspired to do this by another YouTuber (GiltterForever17), she has a wonderful giveaway up and I am going to do the same...spreading the Holiday Cheer and hoping to inspire those of you who are able to do this too, to please do it! And for those of you who may not be able to purchase or find what you want this Holiday, THIS IS FOR YOU.

GIVEAWAY - its easy, simple. Answer this question in a comment below:


I will pick 3 winners.

This was such a great idea for a giveaway, I felt so inspired and inclined to do the same and to hopefully make 3 people's Holiday's a little brighter.


1. Must be subscribed to my YouTube (leave your YT name below & be sure that your subscriptions box is visible so I can check)

2. Must be a subscribed follower of THIS BLOG!

3. Answer the question HERE ON THIS BLOG POST AS A COMMENT - do NOT answer on YouTube.

Thats it :-) Happy Holidays from my family to you & yours. Always know that YOU ARE LOVED - no matter how difficult times may become, know that I am always here and will always do my best to brighten your day.

Love, Crystal


Friday, November 18, 2011

This is some good reading

This is all off of the blog from Pangea Organic's Creator Joshua:

"The cosmetic industry is completely unregulated, except if they are making a medical claim such as “acne treatment” or “SPF” etc., etc., and these products (those which are regulated) are not regulated for safety just for effectiveness of the claim and even that is suspect. There are over 100,000 chemicals being used in the cosmetic and cleaning industry in the U.S., less than 10% of them have ever been tested for human safety and next to none have ever been tested for safety when combined with other components, which is exactly what a cosmetic product is, a cocktail of ingredients.

How does the industry work? Well like most things it’s based on fear, fear of aging, fear of not being beautiful enough. These fears are preyed upon by slick marketing campaigns and false claims. The average cosmetic product is 95% petroleum filler with an active compound to give you the desired effect for about 6 hours; long-term effectiveness is not part of the plan. Within that formulation there are generally about 12 known carcinogens, the average person uses 12-15 products a day…if you do the math that’s over 144 chemicals per person per day!

What is a carcinogen exactly? Carcinogens may increase the risk of cancer by altering cellular metabolism or damaging DNA directly in cells, which interferes with biological processes, and induces the uncontrolled, malignant division, ultimately leading to the formation of tumors. This is unfortunate because most people believe that if you can buy something from a retailer it must be safe, right? We have been programmed to believe this. But it’s not true. Or maybe it is, if we die before we age, well than that is “anti aging,” isn’t it?!

In fact, in my 11 years of research, most products on the market today are actually causing long term effects, like premature aging, skin thinning and of course, cancer. All in the name of a good 6 hours of reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are a few more examples of lies of the cosmetic industry. You know when you go to a nice hotel and you see your favorite brand in tiny little bottles? Well guess what, those are not what you think they are. Even 5 star hotels are only willing to spend about $0.20 cents per bottle for amenities. Here’s how it works. There are a few companies who license brand names, look and scent and then create an even more toxic cocktail of carcinogens and make it look and smell the same…but it’s really not the same at all. Chemicals are cheap. How do they get away with this? “Not for resale” that’s how. If you can’t buy it, they don’t have to list the ingredients. Pretty slick, eh?

You’re probably reading this and saying, wow! Good thing I buy all natural products. But being natural or organic when it comes to skin care means nothing. Again, there is nobody regulating the use of these words, so you can still find plenty of carcinogens and formaldehyde donors in the “natural” aisle. It’s very tricky. Many cosmetic ingredients are manufactured by component companies, and they come up with great names for things like “vegetable emulsifying wax”. That’s just peas and carrots, right? Nope, it’s 78% petroleum. In the last few years there’s been a lot of buzz about parabens. Well, what do you think replaced parabens? Answer: sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate, a known formaldehyde donor."


Beautiful Bold Eyes - only 2 colors needed!

GIVEAWAY!!! Cherry Street Cosmetics Bronzer & Gel Liner

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Stuff!!

I will be putting up a haul video - but I really don't think that's the best word for it - it IS collective (Everything purchased/received has been so from the last week of October until JUST this past week). The items are a fun mix of things I have been lusting for for a little while & things that have been sent to me for a review.

Without going too much in depth, here is a breakdown of what will be in the upcoming video - enjoy!

- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (BR20)

- Stila One Step Foundation (Medium)

- Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful (Vanilla Birthday Cake Gel)

- NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Bysance

- Ben Nye Eyebrow & Scar Wax

- Ben Nye Spirit Gum

- Sheer Cover Full Size Kabuki Brush

- Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel in Caramel

- NYC Concealer Stick in Warm Beige

- Be Fine Food Skin Care Lip Exfoliator

- Glamour Doll Eyes Pigments - 18 of them!!

- Haute Luxxor - 3 Full Size Intense Pigments

- Haute Luxxor High Definition Powder (Full Size)

- Herban Luxe Mineral Mascara (2)

Im really excited to share this stuff with everyone and already have several reviews planned for several above companies/items. Video will be up tomorrow!

Have you gotten anything that you are super excited about recently? Let me know!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dios de los Muertos - In Style

Recently I was sent a beautiful pair of earrings to review from an shop on Etsy called Sevinoma owned and operated by Tracy & Dino. I was absolutely delighted by the design, color, and detail - each earring is an oblong golden colored wire with a weighty turquoise skull dangling from its base; each skull has these bright coral flowers for eyes! These earrings have gotten so, so many looks and compliments everywhere I go - so here are the stats:


- Beautiful

- The skulls are hefty, yet this also implies to me that they (the skulls themselves) are incredibly durable - they are are of a stone type material.

- The flowers in the eyes are very well adhered, they are not flimsy nor are they unstable.

- Price: Cost without shipping is $7.50 USD

- Nickel & Lead free

- They accept custom orders

- Shipping ANYWHERE is $5.00

- With another item, shipping is $1.00

- The texture and look to the skulls are very worn and vintage, for me, this rocks.


- It took an incredible long time to get from Bejing to Seattle

- The skulls themselves aren't secured to the actual wire so they have fallen off several times

Overall I really do like these earrings; they quality of the skulls themselves are fabulous, while I wasn't thrilled that the skulls fall off easily, I can reason it with the base price of the earrings - however the total cost would be $12.50 together and they do take a while to ship, the back and forth communication was adequate and they are very, very friendly people. I think that with the price and time it took to get here, I give this shop an 7.5 out of 10 solely due to shipping and cost.
There are so many other beautiful pieces at the Sevinoma Shop - from vintage molded pendants to Goddess inspired bracelets, the rings are some of my absolute favorites! Lockets and naturalistic charms give a very Victorian feel without the frill - I absolutely recommend this shop to anyone looking for the perfect Holiday Gift this year! With 685 items to choose from, you'd be hard pressed NOT to find something for EVERYONE.

THANK YOU To Sevinoma for sending me the beautiful earrings - I truly love them!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Come One Come All! The New Circus Collection from Glamour Doll Eyes!

Glamour Doll Eyes has done it again releasing a captivating and incredible collection of shadows inspired by all of the wonderment and awe that a Circus brings! The Circus Collection will be released THIS TUESDAY November 15th so mark your calendars, set your watches, and make a reminder on your iPhones because this is one collection you won;t want to miss!

The Collection
Seven eyeshadows and one eye light make up this stunning collection including 6 never before seen shadows and 1 repeat. This will also be the first release of boxed packaging by GDE as well as new labels for The Circus Collection, the shadows will also arrive with a circus themed treat, sticker, and card. Glamour Doll Eyes is making sure that The Circus is here to stay as this will be a permanent collection.


The Colors
As if we don't adore their shadow name's enough, The Circus Collection promises to deliver an extraordinary array of of eye catching names such as "Bearded Lady", "Sword Swallower", and "Electric Chair". For a full rundown of color names and descriptions as set by GDE, read below:

Bearded Lady - a medium to dark brown inspired by the luscious beards of the women of the sideshow. The silver shimmers throughout add a hint of femininity.

Big Top - mimicking canvas tents, this medium toned yellow with red shimmer ties together the traditional colors of the circus all in one.

Cotton Candy - who says cotton candy has to be pink? This light to medium blue with pink shimmers brings forth the playfulness of the spun sugar treat. This color is NOT vegan.

Electric Chair - FLASH! This satiny/velvety white, somewhat metallic looking shadow is inspired by the shock of the electrical current. JOLT!

Fiji Mermaid - this greenish blue tells the story of a commonly used sideshow act. The Fiji Mermaid is alive and real with green shimmer undertones, reminiscent of scales.

Fire Eater - inspired by the heat and the excitement of the fire eaters act this eye light uses red, yellow and orange colors to bring the fire-y spark.

Oddity (The only non-new color of the group) is a very unique blend of shimmer and matte. This is a lime green but almost looks duochrome as well!

Sword Swallower - down the hatch it goes! This semi metallic silver with silver sparkles embodies the shine and sharpness of the swords used in this traditional act.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Olive Oil Makeup Remover

30% OFF Herban Luxe - Coupon Code

Myra - founder and owner of Herban Luxe Cosmetics - has sent me some mascaras and a new lipstick (new Glamour Tube design!) for me to review, check out the video here! PLUS she is offering my subscriber a 30% DISCOUNT CODE on their next purchase! But hurry - it bends 11/30/2011 - coupon code: CRYSTALSEATTLETV plus you get a FREE GIFT with any purchase of $25 or more!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Haute Luxxor Cosmetics

I am incredibly blessed and excited to announce that I was recently contacted by HAUTE LUXXOR COSMETICS and asked to review their products! I had to read the email twice because I was in total schlock - I have been a long time admirer or HL for quite sometime. I am completely flattered and excited all at once because I get to share a cosmetic line with all of you thats well known for its' intense pigments, gorgeous blushes, brushes, and so much more!

Kisses, pepermint sticks, and pigments,

Best Online Cosmetics Shopping....

Good Night my lovely ladies - just a heads up - I work as an affiliate for several companies and would truly appreciate YOUR help in anything & everything from browsing the sites ti online purchases using my links.

Here is a list of companies that I not only work for as an affiliate but that I purchase from all the time....

1. SIGMA BEAUTY - Find all of your BRUSH NEEDS! You can find any MAC "twin" at Sigma for 75% the MAC price! PLUS!!! You get a FREE GIFT with any purchase of $30 or more!

2. Glamour Doll Eyes - watch my video on them and you'll go gaga for GDE! I just purchased 10 more shadows tonight! **TWO FREE SAMPLES WITH EVERY ORDER!!!**

3. Lime Crime Cosmetics 0 Talk about art! Lime Crime has you covered! Their Noir Lipsticks are some of my favorite products, not to mention, YouTube Beauty Guru and world famous MUA WAYNE GOSS rained the Lime Crime Eye Primer as his #1 Choice!

The Holidays are coming faster than you know - start your holiday shopping ASAP and stock up!!

Glitz, Glamour, and Fluffy Brushes Galore,

Lime Crime Cosmetics

If you haven't heard of LIME CRIME, you certainly need to! Bright and intense with undertones of buxom beauty - pinup and noir - everything a sultry diva needs!
I have recently been accepted into their Affiliate Program and am trying to spread the word! Be sure to cope && paste MY LINK on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or any other social media that you utilize daily.

Some products I love:

- Lip Noir in Styletto & Glamour 101

- Eyeshadow in the following colors: SHOE ADDICT, DRAGON SCALES, CUPCAKE THEIF, TOP HATTIE

- Eyeshadow Primer - A Mark Goss FAVOURITE!!!

Check out the site, fill up your shopping cart, and be sure to use my link below for browsing & shopping!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Madame Madeline Review

I have recently been enjoying Eyelure False Lashes (#100) sent to me by Madame Madeline.com - a website that offers an enormous variety of false lashes and a large number of brands. They claim to have the largest selection of lashes on the web, and with their "Lashes of the Month" (where shoppers receive 10% off select lashes and adhesives) its a sure bet that you won't be disappointed. Video coming soon! (Scroll Down for COUPON CODE!)
The following review is based off of my experience with both the product and the company and are my views only.

Product Pros -

- Eyelure 100s felt brilliantly natural.

- They already came in a "C" shape - no shaping needed.

- They came with adhesive.

- The lashes themselves were not totally glued dow to the package, instead only the two ends were slightly adhered for easy removal.

- They can be reused!

- They come with a directions packet showing care for the lashes.

Website Pros -

- The website itself is user friendly.

- FAST shipping.

- 30 Day return/refund policy of unused lashes.

- Clearly labeled order status.

- Lashes of the Month Specials.

- Amazing selection.

- Quick Links to your favorite brand.

- Secure checkout.

- Accept ALL PAYMENT TYPES (Debit, PayPal, Visa, MC, etc)

Website/Company Cons-

- Free shipping with $100 purchase - thats a bit ridiculous if you only want a pair of two.

- When I first spoke with one of the directors they made it sound as though I would receive several pairs of lashes and would be able to "Give a COUPLE away" - in reality I was only sent TWO PAIRS. Not a huge issue, but still deceptive.

- Its not always easy to get a response back quickly via email.

- Refunds are given ONLY to UNUSED products - which for obvious reasons is a health protocol (I assume), however, thats not truly a 100% satisfaction claim right there.

Product Cons -

I actually found NONE with the product itself! I really and honestly love these lashes!

Visit Madame Madeline online now! http://www.madamemadeline.com
Receive an 8% DISCOUNT on your entire order - use coupon code FALSIES

Flirty lashes & Butterfly Kisses,

Glamour Doll Eyes - Review!

As many of you know - I am absolutely smitten with Glamour Doll Eyes Pigments & Eye Lights. I just recently was accepted into their affiliate program and wanted to share the GDE love with all of you! Below you will find some links that will take you directly to Glamour Doll Eyes - I encourage you to keep GDE in mind for your Holiday Shopping this year - with flu size pigments at $6 (thats FIVE GRAMS OF PRODUCT!!) and sample jars at $2.50...you HAVE to check them out! I have 8 pigments myself and I can't wait to collect all of them. Please use my links when shopping at Glamour Doll Eyes - or even when just looking through the site! Thanks my lovely ladies - please spread the word and feel free to use my link to repost on your blogs, Facebooks, or any other social media accounts!

Love && Pretty Pigments,


Good Morning all of my beauties! I wanted to quickly share a FREE SHIPPING coupon code with you for eyelipsface.com TODAY ONLY you will receive FREE SHIPPING with any purchase $13.50 or more! Thats such an awesome deal, so start your holiday shopping early! Again, its a one day only code and it ends tonight at MIDNIGHT Pacific Standard Time...so hurry hurry hurry!

Coupon Code: JUSTSHIP


Have a lovely day !! And don't forget to grab your SIGMA BRUSHES while you're shopping!! Use my link to get a FREE GIFT with any purchase of $30 or more!

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Winner Announced for the MMAGDA Jewelry Giveaway!

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered - MMAGDA will be sending you your prize - you have 48 hours to contact me so that I know you have read this...I will then put you in contact with Magda and you can discuss with her your prize!

The winner is.......


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to EVERYONE who entered - please be sure to enter ALL MY OTHER GIVEAWAYS! Especially the new BETSEY JOHNSON *BETSEYVILLE* BAG GIVEAWAY!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Because I absolutely love & adore ALL of you I really wanted to show my appreciation for the inspiration you give me on a daily basis. Together as women there is nothing in the world that we are incapable of accomplishing - THAT being said, this is my way of saying THANK YOU for being YOU.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dupe Pet Peeves

I love watching review videos as much as I love making them, I also love watching Dupe videos as much as I love making them - but what you'll notice on my channel is that I have very few true DUPE videos - and with good reason. I absolutely will NOT post a dupe video if I have not done a thorough investigation of all the other so called dupes and products similar to the one that I am "duping", and what I find is that many YouTubers WILL post videos claiming something is a dupe simply because they "hear it a lot on YT" or because it "Pretty much looks like a dupe" - that's false information and incredibly poor research.
People really take the power of YouTube for granted - YouTube is a community (or should be) where people go to look up truthful reviews, tutorials, tips & tricks, and of course, real dupes. Its bad information to say "This is a dupe of _________" just because you hear a handful of YouTubers mention it - do your own research - if you aren't willing to put the time and effort into it, then don't go posting or writing about a Dupe when something simply isn't one.

It is a big pet peeve because there are a lot of girls who rely on their favorite YouTubers to deliver valid info on products, and they will listen to you and go out and spend money on a product...so to encourage these viewers to purchase something because you HEARD its a dupe without really trying it out or even having the original product is completely unacceptable. Also color isn't the only thing that warrants a DUPE - one needs to asses quality, staying power, wear time & evenness.

Here is a list of things that I hear are "Dupes" yet after several trials I have found it to be false - also - I ALWAYS make sure that I buy the ORIGINAL product and several similar ones before claiming to have found a dupe - if you don't have the real one then you don't REALLY know if its a true dupe.

**NARS Orgasm Blush - I have used this for several months, I adore it. I have NOT found an adequate dupe AT ALL.**

- The ELF "Twinkle Pink" IS NOT A DUPE. It is very flat, one dimensional. MUCH lighter and lacks peach undertones. Its glitter is faint at best and applies rather softly. Its a pretty color, but certainly NOT A DUPE FOR NARS ORGASM.

- Milani "Luminous" Mineral Blush - very similar in tone and the peach colored sparkle is much more similar than the ELF - while similar, its not an adequate dupe.

- Bourjois #33 Blush - This is the closest that I have actually tried in terms of color - however the glitter isn't as fixed as it is in ORGASM, its actual loose glitter which is more reminiscent of SUPER ORGASM.

**Urban Decay Primer Potion** Now this is one that unless you have it and use it, don't attempt to find a dupe for it. A cult classic, UDPP is amazing on many levels - wear time, color enhancing, crease resistant, etc.

- ELF Primer - NOT A DUPE WHATSOEVER AT ALL NO WAY. While it is a nice crease resistant primer, it has no business being compared to Urban Decay. The Elf Primer is thinner and actually creases itself until smoothes out. Texture wise, its very smooth but again very thin. UDPP is thick and doubles as a base.

Honestly - I have yet to find a dupe and really would rather not. Urban Decay is incredible and its an investment that is surely worth it.

**MAC Pink Nouveau** Lipstick - again, MAC is great and in my opinion, its one of the less expensive brands of high quality makeup especially for the color payoff and wear time.Their versatility and ability to please an enormous range of skin tones and personalities merits it to be a favorite brand for makeup lovers and MUAs alike. While there are some dupes out there, MAC is a brand that Id rather just get the real thing. For Pink Nouveau, a nice dupe is actually a lip liner by NYX in DOLLY PINK.
Because MAC (and many other great lines) have unique color combos to make one lipstick, its harder to find a true dupe, PN is a very cool toned pink with some blue undertones - find the exact dupe really was tough and I didn't mange to find it.

- Cover Girl #365 Enchantress was SLIGHTLY SIMILAR - it does NOT have blue undertones, however, the wash of color applied the same (very smoothly), it wore for hours, and the shade of the true pink itself reminded me a nit of it.

**Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara** MY FAVORITE MASACRA EVERRRRR! as you all know :-) This is an unbeatable blend of fibers and amazingness that glides on lashes and encourages a beautiful curl and has them stand at attention all through the day. It separates and intensifies - your eyes look huge while wearing this.

- L'oreal Voluminous Falsies - while I did make a video reviewing this mascara and saying how it does a beautiful job, I really get pretty annoyed when I hear YT's say "Oh its a dupe for Lancome Hypnose Drama" - It absolutely IS NOT. It DOES make eyelashes appear a good 85% fuller & longer, it wraps each lash in fibers and holds them at attention, too! HOWEVER - it dried in the tube easily, the spoolie (brush) is completely different as there is not a deeply curved middle portion. Its comb is not as separating, and its actual formulation is tacky to the touch. The black is not as intense as Lnacome's and it does not wear off as nicely as Lancome's. It leaves behind particles even after washing.

Here were just a few things I had to get out there because Im really tired of hearing "This is a dupe!" "I heard someone say ________ is a dupe for NARS". Ladies, I love you I do. But just because someone says its a dupe doesn't make it a real dupe - ESPECIALLY if they don't even own the REAL product, think twice before taking their word for it.

One thing that can never be duped is YOU LADIES - my amazing readers & YT viewers - I love you to pieces!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bronzer 101

Bronzers are a wonderful addition to any makeup routine, they can brighten up ruddy or sallow skin, complete your look, bring forth a healthy & natural glow, and add depth. There are several steps to bronzers from choosing your perfect bronzer to application - I hope this helps!

How to choose your perfect bronzer:

- You want to be sure that the bronzer you pick is the right one for your skin tone - always remember that your skin tone will change with the seasons (unless you tan year round or choose to stay fair), so it's not a bad idea to have several bronzer colors to take you through the entire year.

- You never want your bronzer to be more than 2 shades darker than your skin.

- Bronzer looks its best when coupled with the right blush - Dimension! Dimension! Dimension! Makeup should add depth to your face - we are multidimensional, our makeup should be, too!

- For beginners, start with a powder bronzer and become comfortable using this first.

- If you tend to burn easily in the sumer or have naturally pink or red undertones to your skin, go for a peachy colored bronzer.

Shimmer or Matte?

- This will be entirely up to you. I really like shimmer in my makeup, but we don't want to be a walking disk ball - to avoid this, balance your face out - if you are going for mattes on your eyes then opt for some shimmer on your cheeks and vice versa.

- Mature skin may opt to choose matte bronzers; shimmer is not very kind to hooded eyes, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. and can actually make the skin appear older and highlight the wrinkles.

Where to place bronzer:

- Bronzer (at its's most simplistic and basic application) should be placed anywhere that the sun would naturally hit your face: Cheeks, Forehead, Nose, Chin. If you are going to apply bronzer on these areas, be sure to go with a light application and build from there (Its always easier to ADD COLOR than to remove it!). Blending will also be key...we'll talk tools soon!

- For contouring, bronzer can be placed anywhere that has a natural hollow (contouring will make you appear that you have lost 10lbs in your face!). For facial contouring, place bronzer on your temples, down each side of the bridge of your nose, the hollows of your cheeks, and chin area.
**REMEMBER!!!** If you contour your face, you absolutely must highlight as well - otherwise it appears dull and lifeless - so put a hilight color directly ON the bridge of your nose, middle of the forehead, and high up on the cheek bones (right above your blush).

Tools to Use:
There are many great brushes to utilize for bronzers - I personally like my Sheer Cover Powder Brush - its small and allows for contouring and precision. Its all about what YOU are comfortable with. There ARE specific bronzer brushes, but don't let a name fool you - you can apply bronzer with ANY brush that does your face justice!

- Good Bronzer Brushes:

1. MAC 168
2. MAC 129
3. MAC 109
4. MAC 138
5. Sigma F40
6. Sigma F80
7. Sigma F35
8. Sigma F25
9. Kabuki Brushes (Round & Flat Top)
10. ELF Studio Powder Brush
11. ELF Studio Complexion Brush
12. NARS Botan Brush
13. NARS ITA Kabuki Brush
14. NARS Yachio Kabuki Brush
15. Urban Decay Good Karma Blush Brush
16. Urban Decay Good Karma Powder Brush
17. Real Techniques Stippling Finishing Brush
18. Real Techniques Blush Brush
19. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush
20. Stila #21 Double Duty Cheek Brush
21. Sephora Collection Classic Blush/Bronzer Brush
22. Too Faced Retractable Bronze-Buki Brush

My Favorite Bronzers:

1. NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna
2. Sheer Cover Bronzed Minerals Bronzer
3. Lancome Blush Subtle in Shimmer Mocha Havanna
4. Victoria's Secret Baked Mineral Bronzer in Glowing
5. Smashbox Halo Hydration Perfecting Bronzer
6. Lancome Star Bronzer
7. Lancome Flash Bronzer (liquid/body)
8. Victoria's Secret Sun Kissed Bronzing Lotion (body)

I truly hope that this helped any of you looking for some good bronzer information out there! Sun kissed kisses && shimmery hugs,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Sephora is having an amazing online sale for two of the NARS Duo shadows I JUST bought mine so grab yours too!! You get free shipping with every purchase $50 and over and 3 FREE SAMPLES with EVERY ORDER!
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Sigma Brushes - Buy Them HERE!

I love 'em! Best known for their high quality and similarity to nearly every MAC brush, Sigma Brushes are durable, long lasting, and affordable! AND you get a FREE GIFT if you spend $30 or more!
Its a little less than 2 months until Christmas - I for one have already began my Holiday shopping online for several reasons, mostly because the closer we get to Christmas, the less chance we have for our items arriving BY the big day - so be smart and get it done soon ladies!

Sigma Brushes are seriously phenomenal - I love them!! Here is a link to get your SIGMA BRUSHES, I am a Sigma Affiliate, please use the following link to purchase from SIGMA: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=116645

THANK YOU!! And Happy Holidays! Im going to be putting together special Holiday Gift Bags for those who use my link to purchase from Sigma, so be sure to let me know if you use my link!!

Kisses, Hugs, and Makeup Brushes,

Cocovana Cosmetics GIVEAWAY & Review

Thank you to Cocovana Cosmetics for sending me so many wonderful, high quality cosmetics to try out and review, and for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway!


1. Must be a subscriber of my YOUTUBE channel - www.youtube.com/user/crystalseattletv


3. Must LIKE (thumbs up) the video

4. Must FAVORITE the video with your favorites & subscription boxes OPEN - I will be checking!!

5. Must do one of the following: Either LIKE Cocovana on Facebook (www.facebook.com/cocovanacosmetics) OR Follow them on Twitter (www.twitter.com/cocovanabeauty). Let me know which you chose to do and what your user name is.

6. (10 extra entries) You must go to Cocovana Cosmetics ETSY store and tell me what you would pick out if you were to win (www.etsy.com/shop/cocovanacosmetics)

7. (10 extra entries) Create or use your ETSY account and put Cocovana Cosmetics in your circle.

8. Leave a comment on the Review video telling me what you are most Thankful for this year since we are close to Thanksgiving. Please be detailed, saying "I am thankful for my mom" won't count - tell me WHY.

9. If you choose to make a video, please just tell me what you are thankful for - you must have CRYSTALSEATTLETV in the title.

10. Leave me a comment on this post telling me that you have followed all rules - this way I can see your username and I will know that you followed THIS BLOG!!

You must be 18 years or older or with parental permission. GOOD LUCK!

Ends December 1st at midnight pst.

Cocovana Review:

I was delighted to get the chance to work with a local, female owned small business - Cocovana Cosmetics! Located in Bellevue, WA, they are just 20 minutes from me in Seattle! Here in Western Washington we are a very tight knit community - where our products come from is just as important as whats in them to us. Seattle especially is one of the top cities in the United States for clean air and water and for their Green Efforts in technology and food supply - we make a mindful effort to have dairy, meet, vegetables, fruits all come from within 50-75 miles of our beautiful Emerald City...why should cosmetics be any different?!

Cocovana Cosmetics are beautifully and mindfully crafted from coconut wax, mineral mica, luxurious butters, and so much more. Not only beautiful, but beneficial. Here is an excerpt directly from owner Sarah Cvitkovic on their Etsy Store:
"We really love coconut and the natural benefits it provides to our beauty products. We also believe that beauty and luxury doesn't need to impact our health and environment negatively. Our vegan cosmetics and luxurious candle blends truly represent that.

Our cosmetics are made with shimmering mineral mica, luxurious butters, pure plant and flower extracts and oils. Countless hours of extensive research has been put in to making sure our products are 100% vegan and FDA approved. Who says you can't be gorgeous and environmentally conscious?

Our candles are hand poured with a creamy coconut wax blend and clean cotton wicks. We use premium quality essential oil blends for a natural and fragrant hot and cold scent throw. This unique blend allows for an extremely clean burning and longer lasting candle.

All of our products are packaged in 100% recycled boxes, natural fiber raffia and crinkle paper ribbon."

My Experience:

The Shadows: Long wearing, beautiful without primer, pigmented. Obviously I always use an eyeshadow primer, the two I chose to test these shadows out with were Urban Decay's Primer Potion and MAC's Paint Pot in "Bare Study". The colors I was sent are as follows: Sugarplum, Dreamsicle, Queen Blubee, Camel, & Sunburst. All very shimmery and very pigmented. They mixed and blended very easily without losing any color at all; fallout is expected with loose shadow but I found that it was quite minimal and easily brushed away. Dreamsicle is a very highly pigmented cool orange color that has great staying power, probably the most vibrant of the 5. Sunburst is a beautiful highlight color - its also buildable from a sheer wash of lightness to a beautiful yellowy cream. Sugarplum is where my heart is - this color is a rich, cool, deeper purpley taupe. Its satisfied my need for a multi-use shadow as it works nicely on the lid, the crease, and in the socket. It goes well with so many looks and can be worn alone.

The Blush: A loose blush was certainly a case for some concern, but again I was thrilled. "Glorified" is a sweet peony pink with lots of shimmer, goes on evenly, and complimented my olive skin beautifully. Long wearing and not dreadfully sparkly. It applied well over both powder & liquid foundations.

The Lips: 1 Wax Lip Gloss in "Havanna" & 1 Glossy Balm in "PomBerry". The Lip Gloss is wonderful, a very bubblegum pink in the tube yet softer on the lip itself. It wasn't as pink on my mouth as I had hoped for however. It stays and wears well, not sticky or "gummy", scent was pleasing, very shiny - reminded me of MACs dazzle glass. It wore evenly and I found myself not needing to reapply it for a few hours.
The Glossy Balm Lip Balm is absolutely brilliant - I chose it over my EOS! It does NOT smell like PomBerry, but actually more like COCONUT (yes!!). It says it's tinted, but I really see no tint to it at all. It may vary. Its hydrating, smoothing, and VERY glossy! It made my lips feel conditioned and pampered for hours - it wears long and is it drying in the least.

I want to sincerely thank COCOVANA COSMETICS for working with me and for sponsoring this review & giveaway. They have rapidly become a staple in my collection!


Kisses, hugs, and Superplum lids,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How To: Face Primers

I recently have been getting requests on YouTube asking how to use and place face primers, and also what the difference is between a water based and a silicon based primer. I just posted my video on How To Apply primer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YxD2jZb3Xk), but for those who wish to read about it, lets get down to it!

First off, a primers' purpose to to even out and smooth the facial skin preparing it for foundation application. You can wear it alone, too, if you wish. Often times primers work to full in lines, creases, pores, and to have your make up last all day and wear evenly.


1. Clean your face

2. Moisturize! (Note: some people don't need primer, a good moisturizer suffices!).

3. Apply primer. Let it dry for about 1 minute.

4. Apply makeup.

How to apply primer:
While sponges and brushes may be suitable for this, I tend to dislike the effect that they give leaving me to apply it WITH MY FINGERS.

A) Water Based Primer/HD Primer Application: I use about a chick pea sized amount and begin gently patting it on my entire face - for these types of primers, you want a nice and even layer - a little goes a long way! Yet due to their already thin (or in the case of HD, it diffuses the light and shine) you want it to go on and set in a ayer - DO NOT RUB IN A WATER BASED or an HD PRIMER!

B) Silicon Based Primer Application: Apply about a chick pea sized amount to finger tips and rub on face (lightly!) as you would with a moisturizer, but UNLIKE a moisturizer, you do not want to rub it in "all the way" so to speak. You want a layer (thin) on your face to prep your skin for foundation application.

So what are the differences between Water Based, HD, and Silicon? Who should use them?

Water Based - Best for those with acne prone skin or for those who could get away with no primer at all, yet still wish to use one. Water Based Primers are OIL FREE.

Silicon Based Primer - As the name suggests - it has silicon as its base, not water. This is my primer of choice; it gives a cashmere finish and tends to fill in fine lines a bit better. This would be ideal for those with visible dark spots, pores, and lines/wrinkles.

HD Primer - This type of primer is best for those who are having photographs taken or will be appearing on film - HD Primers diffuse light and offset shine for flawless photos.

I hope this helps those of you looking for primer info!!

My primers I use most:
- NYX HD Studio
- Sheer Cover Base Perfecting Primer
- Hard Candy Sheer Envy
- Laura Geller Spackle
- MAC Prep & Prime Skin

Brightening Primer