Saturday, February 18, 2012

Avon, Mary Kay, Estée Lauder Paying for Tests on Animals |

Avon, Mary Kay, Estée Lauder Paying for Tests on Animals |

It has been said that one can gauge the character of a nation by how they treat their animals - the same goes for a company.

Animal Testing is something that has been in the spotlight for decades, its agreed that to test on animals, especially for cosmetics, is highly unethical, cruel, and inhumane. We have the knowledge and the proof that many animals suffer brutally at the hands of these companies for tests that could just as easily - and more cost effectively - be conducted on PAID humans (who willingly sign up) or done on a cellular level in a simulated arena. Bottom line? Its it unnecessary.

Animal testing hurts so much more than the dogs, cats, primates, rodents, lagomorphs (bunnies), etc that have their eyes painfully blinded or that are "harvested" (aka - killed by a gas chamber) once they are deemed useless - it hurts our economy and our pocketbooks.

And it doesn't necessarily make the product proved any safer for the consumer - at all.

As many of you are aware, I have been in the veterinary medicine field for nearly 9 years now - I went from shelter medicine to private practice to emergency - I graduated from college and became an LVT all in the name of saving the lives of those who need us dearly, of those who touch our hearts and make our lives whole. I have also been an advocate of animal right for over a decade - my parents were and still are fiercely involved in rescue and the abolition of animal testing.

There are MANY ways YOU can help stop this, even when you feel like "Well Im only ONE person, what can I do?" - YOU can do a world of good by not purchasing ANY products from companies who test on animals. The moment a human being disregards life and treats another living creature as an object or a slave is the moment that person or people set our society back.

Tips to help:

- When buying a product, look on the back to make sure it reads NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

- Do your homework - Google is a great tool for finding out companies who test on animals. PROCTER & GAMBLE is one of the absolute WORST for that.

- Think about it - while we cannot change every aspect of what we buy, we can make small changes that DO matter. Why buy from a company that lies to you anyway or charges you more? Animal testing is a huge sign that a certain company is far behind and thus their tests will be too - does that make you feel safe?!

- Write a letter - don't be afraid to call them out on this! If you love Avon, write to them telling them politely that you are a loyal consumer but that this recent news is absolutely unacceptable and that you will not be purchasing anymore from them and neither will at least 10 of your friends - NOTHING scares a company like word of mouth.

- And PLEASE, share this blog on your Facebook, MySpace, Google +, Blog, Twitter, etc.

YOU can help to make all the difference in the world.

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