Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE Purples! Ft. Glamor Doll Eyes && Urban Decay

Friday, December 30, 2011

Finding Beauty in the Breakdown

It's no secret that our Economy has been anything but rocksteady since circa 2007; back then I was oblivious to say the least. I was one year away from graduating college, I spent my weekends at fancy downtown restaurants and handbag shopping at the newest boutiques on 1st & Pine. I thought nothing of taking expensive weekend trips with my then-fiance "just because", and then suddenly, one day while at the Chanel counter in Macy's the woman ringing me up looked at me and quietly whispered "I'm're card didn't go through".
My heart sank. My stomach churned and I could feel my face get red hot with confusion and embarrassment. My first thoughts were to call my mom and have her send another credit card or fix this problem for me so I could happily continue on my way with my several bags full of Chanel. It didn't turn out that way - that was the day I realized that our economy's debt was no joke.

(For those anxiously on the edge of your seats wondering "So what happened to all of that Chanel?!?!?" it turned out I was only $49 over my limit, so I put back 2 lip glosses much to my dismay.).

Fashion and beauty trends are anything but trite, they are part of history. They define us as a people and tell long tales about who we were and what we lived like. History incrusted in fine silks of the ages, bejeweled with sanctity of what it meant to be human many, many years ago. It is just as much a part of history as anything else. It's how we know what Martha Washington sewed our nation's flag out of; its how we knew the differences of class statuses in ancient cultures, it's how we knew what great Queens and First Ladies alike wore to dinners.
Or best yet, how to improve upon anything and everything - how to get beautiful ideas from the charcoal makeup of the Vaudeville Era, how to lead a movement as women wearing pants (pants!), how to keep our skin looking young so that we may feel beautiful for as long as we can (with all that we as women have to do, go through, and take on in life).

It's not surprising that in a time of great economic downfall women all over are still steadily purchasing clothes and beauty supplies with the same burning fever - if not hotter - than ever before. It's not "silly spending", but rather a way to see the beauty through the breakdown. While we have enough to bear upon our shoulders (that which cannot simple be "brushed off"), is it really too much to ask that those shoulders are moisturized daily? Or that smile that we have to keep strong in front of our kids so that THEY do not have fear of a future - can our lips not be nicely glossed?

And what is even greater is that so many women & designers have used this time to shine through - be it via vintage shops from Brooklyn to Seattle or on the sexy and sleek catwalks of Paris - women everywhere are boasting beauty, glam, and all that glitters. They are finding new ways to reinvent old shirts, skirts, blouses, and more - finally designers are saying FUCK MINIMALISM! SHINE! SHINE! SHINE! If not now, when? What are we to do? Wear beige everyday of our baby burping, career obtaining, man pleasing lives?
Heck no.

Take the longest walk of your life in a pair of shoes that make you feel like a goddess. Sweat out the stress at Yoga in your cutest yoga pants. Invest in a very fine Michael Kors watch as part of your uniform as a Nurse, LVT, MD, or DVM. Don't splurge unnecessarily, take care of that which is key first...but in that equation, don't forget YOU. Don't ever, ever forget YOU.

I think it's a beautiful thing, ladies. So after you read this promise me that you will look through YOUR closet, YOUR makeup and find ONE item that ScReAmS Glam! And that you WILL wear it...proudly. And not just on New Year's Eve.

We are in a time of economic crisis. Times are hard. How many times are we going to say it before we begin to get up, slap on some gloss, comb our hair, and stop making excuses to feel amazing?

Kisses, hugs, and sticking it to the deficit,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to clear up occasional acne FAST! (TOOTHPASTE!)

What is one thing that I HATE more than anything in the entire world?? Ok...hate is a super strong word, but lets get real ladies - ACNE. Those annoying last minute pop up zits that occur right about when you have an important event/date/lecture/meeting/etc. and they're red and/or quite obviously in the middle of for chin or forehead. You can't cover them with hair for fear of the oils increasing zit population, you can't just snap your fingers and wish them what do you do?

I have good skin, and it's something I am proud of as I have always taken care of my skin. SKIN is your LARGEST ORGAN...did you know that? So if you treat it well, you will feel & look fabulous. But that isn't always the case - genetics & hormones play a role in our little skin issues every now & with me: I have never had acne - I have had a dermatologist since I hit puberty, and I eat right, drink crazy amounts of water daily, and clean my face twice daily using products tailored to my skin exactly - yet I DO break out - once a month...Im sure you can guess what I'm saying.

PMS - my arch nemesis! It's never one week before or 72 hours before, no...for me, it TWO WEEKS OF PMS, during which I have to really baby my skin. Yet without fail, the ugly, nasty little things still arrive. About 4 days ago I noticed 2 were beginning to show on my chin...then one on my forehead (which is really odd as my chin is usually the preferred vacation destination for zits on me). So I began to worry, which didn't help (Stress = break outs).

By day 4 my skin is once again clear:

- PEPSODENT - yes TOOTHPASTE! I know so so so many people - moms, professionals, friends - will say to never use toothpaste on acne, and I agree - if you have CLINICAL ACNE then absolutely do NOT use this method. You really need to seek medical advice from a dermatologist as there is an underlying cause. But for those of us who have that occasional zit "here & there", pepsodent works magic and reduces redness & size by 75% in 24 hours.

Toothpaste is mostly BAKING SODA which is a BASE (remember acids & basis from high school/college?), and bases will denature (or permeate & destroy) lipids (fats) - much of the bacteria which cause the occasional breakout has a semi-permeable fatty membrane which baking soda (toothpaste) will destroy the bacteria's membrane causing the zit to weep and dry up, reducing its' awfulness. (As I have mentioned before - you ladies know my college degree is in medicine and my minor is pharmacology so I have to equate everything to jargon But it really helps when Im choosing products/routines!)

I swear by toothpaste ladies, its no joke. I find that PEPSODENT works the best (I hear you can buy it at The Dollar Tree for...wait for it...ONE DOLLAR!).

Believe me, there is NOTHING WORSE than that surprise acne, so next time one of those nasty ugly red monsters decides to vaca on your face, clean 'em up !

xoxo Crystal

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

7 Days Away!!! I am particularly excited for this Christmas, not just because of the gifts & the food & all of the glitz that goes along with it - but because of the traditions I have created in the 9 years of living on my own, 3,000 miles away from where I grew up. Seattle has offered me the most magical and beautiful life that anyone could have ever imagined! Part of why I am so thankful is because Seattle's loving and wholesome environment has encouraged me to open my heart and give back to those who inspire me.

You ladies are doing a GREAT job at telling me what you want this Holiday Season && I have already shipped out a few surprises :-) If I ask you for your sure I get it ;-)

If you are still stumped on what you get for your sister, aunt, cousin, best friend, or for yourself, check out the following companies that I buy from CONSTANTLY & that I support and am an affiliate for (HELP ME OUT!!! USE MY LINKS!):

Sigma Brushes

Glamour Doll Eyes (Pigments, Lip Fiends, && MORE!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smashbox Brow Tech & Cream Liner Palette Review

Chanel Spotlight: Metiers d'art

Chanel's Metiers d'art Show -

Guests were absolutely stunned with visions of deep and dramatic Indian-inspired scenes; a delightful and decadent sensory overload of culture meeting high fashion. Sophisticated and alluring spins of Parisian interpretations of classic Indian threads, this was a night to surely be recounted for years to come. Even the set was brilliantly thought out and designed not missing a single detail. A fun pairing of silk saris and tweed, rich blacks and pops of pink here and there graced the catwalk - accessories were incorporated into many of the pieces - small purses with texture and ironic shape - but rightfully so. Strings of pearls were seen being worn as belts and the traditional headpieces are worn.

The catwalk was quite beautiful - very white with long and elegant banquet tables lining each runway; beautifully lit and eloquent.

The makeup was impeccable as one would suspect, after all we are talking CHANEL. Beautiful black shadows and deep cat eyes - nothing less than perfect. Skin was natural, matte, and natural lips.

This was defiantly a show to remember.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Laryngitis Sucks

Update: I have SO MANY videos to film but guess what!?! I HAVE LARYNGITIS!!!

The extent of my voice is a whisper...its THAT bad.

So Im going to be blogging quite a bit until my voice is back as I truly need a clear voice for certain upcoming sponsored reviews.

I hope you all understand!!! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Beauty News!

Today is the day for awesome beauty releases! From the cult classic company, Urban Decay, to the indie favorite, Glamour Doll Eyes! Here's what's going on today - December 1st 2011 - in the Beauty World...

- Urban Decay's long-awaited sequel to their hit single, Naked, is on early release today at with only 5,000 palettes available until NEXT WEEK! You also receive an AMAZING dual Good Karma Cruelty-Free brush (shader/blender) and a deluxe lipgloss with each palette purchase. If THAT'S not enough to make your heart skip a beat, you get FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!! (With orders of $35+)

MAC Viva Glam & MAC AIDs Fund
- In a global effort to rid the population of AIDs, MAC Cosmetics is doing their part by MAC AIDS FUND - this is especially beautiful for a such a huge glam company to do. As a volunteer myself with Northwest AIDS Alliance, I can attest that it is no easy task taking on the stigmas and heartache that come along with fighting the good fight and trying to educate the masses, yet MAC Cosmetics shines brightly with and their Viva Glam series. So please, head to purchase from the collection and do your part!

Glamour Doll Eyes
- My all time favorite indie cosmetics line is at it again with their HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS being released today! If you recall to about 2 weeks ago, GDE released their immensely popular "Circus Collection" - a dazzling and thrilling conjuncture of fiery lights, aqua mermaids, big top yellows, and more! The Glamour Doll Eyes Holiday Collection consists of two sets of 4 loose shadows
- HOLIDAY SET 1: Snow Berry (a gorgeous cranberry red with silver shimmer), Snow Globe (a brilliant white with bluish aqua glitter), Gingerbread Girl (a warm, mid tone brown with brown sparkle), and Champagne Kiss (a light gold with silver accents).
- Holiday Set 2: Overslept (a deepened olive green/black with red & gold sparkle), Midnight Light Snow (a rich black with red & green sparkle), December 26th (a salute to National Candy Cane Day - this is a pinkish red with lots of kick!), and Tinsel Fight (the only EYE LIGHT of the two sets, a gorgeous explosion of silver sparkle laced with reds & greens).

They have also released their newest lip glosses - LIP FIENDS! 9 sexy, sultry, and shiny glosses that are assure to make anyone's mistletoe melt!


Stila Cosmetics 19 Days of Giving
- Stila Cosmetics is announcing today their 19 Days of Giving, an awesome event that gives each purchase a little extra. They are also releasing their SPRING 2012 PALETTE "IN THE GARDEN" - yep !!! You read it correctly! Its a genius idea, get a head start this spring with these beautiful colors! You also get a FREE PRIME POT (dx sz)!

Sigma Beauty
- Sigma Beauty has been churning out kits and collections all through November - I intend on making a video of their newest kits, but for now you need to check out their CITIES BRUSH SETS and their MAKE ME UP TRAVEL COLLECTION kits - with prices that are unbeatable this time of year and quality that is unsurpassed, Sigma is the way to go for Brushes this Holiday Season! Whether you are starting out in makeup or are an MUA, you won't want to miss these great gift ideas!

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