Friday, May 4, 2012

Dupe of the Day - Lorac Blush in "Crimson" & ELF Studio Blush in "Blushing Rose"

It has been months since I have found any dupe products that pass my test; I judge ANY supposed dupe on a number of things, not just in how close the color comes to the original. I do understand that there are many people who really only care about color duping, but that there are also just as many who want the dupe product to not only match in color but to also match in terms of longevity of wear, evenness of application, texture, etc.
When I found the ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Studio Blush in "Blushing Rose" I was pretty excited due to its beautiful color, but when I realized how much it looked and felt like my Lorac "Crimson" blush, I HAD to share it!

Lorac: $20.00
ELF: $3.00

Lorac: 3.7 grams
ELF: 4.75 grams

- Lorac's "Crimson" is a true crimson color more on the punish side. It has tiny round speckles of golden sparkle to it,which can be buffed away if one wants a matte finish.

- ELF's (Eyes Lips Face) blush in "Blushing Rose" is a true crimson as well with the same golden sparkle to it, only its a bit less visible upon application therefore can be buffed out quickly to give a matte finish.

POWDER. Both blushers have a velvety texture however Lorac is a bit more solid in form while ELF's "Blushing Rose" tends to have some fall out upon swatching & application.

Lorac gives a pearlescent finish naturally while ELF tends to be a bit more matte with the same pearlescence in the light.

Wear Time
Both wore very nicely with rich color pay-off; they wore evenly throughout the day and stayed put for upwards to 7-8 hours.

Final Thoughts
I happen to really like ELF Studio blushes because of their nice color pay-off and their wear time, however as a long, long time fan of Lorac I was going to be incredibly critical when it came to testing these two against one another. I was a bit disappointed in the fallout with ELF, but thats probably the only thing that truly bothered me. I actually liked that ELF had less gold sparkle than Lorac because on days I want to shine, Ill wear my Lorac, on days I want to tone to down, Ill wear ELF. The packaging is variably different, Lorac is round with no mirror and a screw top lip which I like, while ELF is a black silicone compact with a cheap mirror in it. Both are great on my sensitive skin, too.

Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5

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