Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor (My New Best Friend!) *Review*

One of the biggest and longest running tasks that women will endure is shaving - for some of us this may be a weekly thing, while yet for others it may be an every-other-day occurrence; and still yet for others, we may feel compelled to shave daily. Whatever your shaving habit may be, it remains - at times - a pain in the booty! Being in my late twenties I sometimes look back to when I first began shaving my legs - I was in 6th grade, every girl had been allowed to do it and my mom said I had to wait until I was in 6th grade...Lord only knows why because my legs looked like the cover of Catcher in the Rye (You know the one...) since I was big enough to walk!

Joking aside, it's no coveted fact that shaving isn't my most anticipated endeavor. In the last 15 years finding the perfect razor has been a small and personal mission in my life, they have to have enough blades - tough, yet soft - they MUST have a pretty scent, and they must be a good and sturdy piece of plastic. No exceptions.

By the good grace of Influenster's VoxBox Program, I was selected to try and review The Gilette Venus & Olay shaving razor - 5, yes, FIVE BLADES of hair removing action! Both above and below the gathering of blades you will find Olay Moisture Bars that caress the skin of the area that has just been shaved; leaving it silky and luxurious. The soft grip handle makes it a comforting experience knowing that shaky hands are welcome to participate in the shave, too!
As you run off your razor under warm water the aroma of Olay's comfort permeates through to your nose and for a brief moment it becomes easy to forget that this is your bathroom you are in and not a 5 star luxury spa somewhere off in a tropical paradise.
Done so soon? Of course you are - 5 blades takes care of the hair in half the time that your old razor (IF you can even call it that anymore) could. This means you can go finish that book or do a little shopping or get to bed early (or on time for once).
Once you are finished you realize that The Gillette Venus and Olay Razor is far too tactful for the shower caddy - the mere thought of your new best friend tossed in with the shampoo is ridiculous! No worries - Gilette has thought of everything; the Gillette Venus and Olay package comes with a handy suction cup shower hook, like a throne for your leg's newest and most useful friend.

This razor has changed my showering and shaving life! With only ONE small, tiny con - it isn't the best at divots such as your underarms or bikini lines.

But really....Ill take that!

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