Monday, April 9, 2012

Garnier BB Cream - First Thoughts

In the last few months I have talked some about BB Creams - Beauty Balms to be exact. They are age-old skin care products that were first popularized in Southeast Asia and then mass marketed in Germany and finally they have hit the Western World with quite the impact. Several of my YouTube subscribers have requested that I begin trying and reviewing different BB Creams ranging from high end to drugstore - that being said, my skin (if you watch my channel you know this :) is SUPER sensitive so I have had to be extremely selective when researching which BB Creams to purchase and test out.

I figured I would start with a drugstore brand BB Cream to get the ball rolling; this was also a highly requested brand :-) Enjoy!

- What It Is: A self-proclaimed, multi-beneficial "Miracle Skin Perfecter" and Skin Tone Evener in a tinted moisturizer formula.

- What It's For: Uneven skin, blotchy skin, discolored skin, dark spotted skin, redness, dry skin, and dull skin.

*"Instantly: Skin looks naturally more even, radiant and smooth.

After just one use:
90% had a more even complexion,
93% saw a more healthy glow,
96% saw smoother skin."


My Experience:
I have been using Garnier BB Cream for 4 days now and I can't say that I hate it! I am actually extremely surprised at how close to Clinique's BB Cream it is - now Garnier comes in 2 different "shades" *Light/Medium* and "Medium/Deep*.
It can certainly appear to be a glorified tinted moisturizer to be honest, however I noticed that the coverage is different (to me). On my oily skin, tinted moisturizers tend to become patchy and dilute my skin tone which Garnier BB Cream (I use Light/Medium) actually does even my skin out a bit. It is not overly saturating and my skin feel wonderful after I remove it.

I have tried it with primer twice and then twice without - I felt that I had better coverage and an overall better result sans primer.

I feel as though the added AOXs (antioxidants) replenish my skin throughout the day and aid in its' healthful glow. It DOES have SPF in it (which I like this time of year), but be warned that this IS NOT the best product to wear at night/in photos.

How I Apply It
I used my fingertips the first day and was incredibly unhappy - but then again I NEVER use my fingertips for product application unless its moisturizer without color or tint. I actually really liked the application that a Real Techniques Duo Fibre Stippling Brush gave (Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman of PIXIWOO).

I don't need to set it with a power, although you certainly can. I find that it does well all on its own. Its light, sheer coverage gives the right amount of tint coupled with the right amount of AOXs gives my skin a supple feel for hours and blends well to give the illusion of finely evened skin.

Does It REALLY Hide Redness?
I actually find that it doesn't do a bad job at covering my slight redness in my cheeks and nose.

Not so great at covering the bluish pigmentation underneath my eyes - I STILL need concealer.

Negative Points
- Only comes in 2 "shades"

- Does NOT cover discoloration as well as it claims.

- I feel that it makes MANY claims that simply won't satisfy the majority.

- Makes a claim that your skin will appear "airbrushed" - I have yet to see this.

- THIS particular brand doesn't fare well underneath foundation.

Plus Points
- The Light/Medium Shade is a nice, neutral shade with little yellow or red to manipulate.

- Brightens skin.

- Conceals SLIGHT redness.

- Has AOX

- Non-Comedogenic

- Isn't Greasy

- Dermatologist Tested

Overall Rating (1-5)

BB Cream

Just Out of the Tube

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