Friday, April 13, 2012

MyGlam Bag April 2012 - GOODBYE MYGLAM

Awful. Disappointing. Let down. Just a few ways to describe this month's Glam Bag. I have tried, Lord knows I have tried to see the positive in every MyGlam Bag that i have received - but this months was the straw that broke my faith in MyGlam.
I know that last month many people were disappointed with their bag; I enjoyed mine UNTIL my Birchbox arrived (TeenVogue version) and I realized what a joke MyGlam is. Yes, they have had a few good items, yes they have a cute idea of putting the samples in a little bag (but really its just more waste to me as I have far too many cosmetic bags!), and yes some top Beauty Gurus created MyGlam further drawing in hopefuls.

Sounds like they thought it through, eh?

Here's the thing - when you set out to create something that already is on the market (i.e.: a monthly beauty subscription) yours HAS TO BE A)Cheaper in price or B)Offer BETTER items or C)All of the Above.

And you would think that the brains behind MyGlam marketing would see this, but I feel that they more or less targeted a demographic with high hopes of beauty products straight from their favorite gurus who were also willing to pay $10 a month thinking that they would be finally satisfied with a monthly beauty box - and I, sadly, was one of those hopefuls.

Why this month sucked
- The theme was "Girls Night Out" and really the bare minimum came in this bag.

- We were under the impression that we would receive a full sized Urban Decay 24/7 Liner but instead we got a medium sized version - I am especially disheartened because I already have the color I was sent...and hate it.

- There were no special offers or coupons to accompany ANY of the products as per usual.

- We received 2 "MyGlam Eye Brushes" that I find to be no better than your run of the mill brushes you can pick up at Walgreens.

- They tried to make the brushes sound fancy by calling them "Exclusive" and saying that you can add them to your MG "Collection". Please spare us.

- The false lashes that I received are SO plastic-y looking that its gross. Not to mention I can't read the box because its all in Japanese (I believe).

What I Liked

- The Dermstore Lip Quench: 0.21 oz - Its formulated for "Thin, Dry Lips" and plumps them. I just think it feels nice && smells pretty.

I know MANY girls complained that in recent bags there was too much skincare products, so they may enjoy this bag - I actually REALLY like skincare products as skincare is the basis in my beauty routines. I don't count the Dermstore lip quench to be skincare at all FYI.

Needless to say - Ive cancelled. If you watch my videos on YouTube - You KNOW I am as bubbly and positive as they come, even when everyone else hates certain things, I will find a silver lining - but this I refuse to ignore. HECK I stood by Birchbox when they sent my my box 31 days LATE 2 months in a row! WITH A SMILE!! But this goes beyond, it's something in my gut that says "Someone is profiting off of cheap stuff" and its not the subscribers.

Take this blog in stride as you may love your Glam Bag. For once, THIS GIRL can't ignore the fact that hers happened to be less than mediocre.

Much love and Sparkly Kisses,

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