Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to clear up occasional acne FAST! (TOOTHPASTE!)

What is one thing that I HATE more than anything in the entire world?? Ok...hate is a super strong word, but lets get real ladies - ACNE. Those annoying last minute pop up zits that occur right about when you have an important event/date/lecture/meeting/etc. and they're red and/or quite obviously in the middle of for chin or forehead. You can't cover them with hair for fear of the oils increasing zit population, you can't just snap your fingers and wish them what do you do?

I have good skin, and it's something I am proud of as I have always taken care of my skin. SKIN is your LARGEST ORGAN...did you know that? So if you treat it well, you will feel & look fabulous. But that isn't always the case - genetics & hormones play a role in our little skin issues every now & with me: I have never had acne - I have had a dermatologist since I hit puberty, and I eat right, drink crazy amounts of water daily, and clean my face twice daily using products tailored to my skin exactly - yet I DO break out - once a month...Im sure you can guess what I'm saying.

PMS - my arch nemesis! It's never one week before or 72 hours before, no...for me, it TWO WEEKS OF PMS, during which I have to really baby my skin. Yet without fail, the ugly, nasty little things still arrive. About 4 days ago I noticed 2 were beginning to show on my chin...then one on my forehead (which is really odd as my chin is usually the preferred vacation destination for zits on me). So I began to worry, which didn't help (Stress = break outs).

By day 4 my skin is once again clear:

- PEPSODENT - yes TOOTHPASTE! I know so so so many people - moms, professionals, friends - will say to never use toothpaste on acne, and I agree - if you have CLINICAL ACNE then absolutely do NOT use this method. You really need to seek medical advice from a dermatologist as there is an underlying cause. But for those of us who have that occasional zit "here & there", pepsodent works magic and reduces redness & size by 75% in 24 hours.

Toothpaste is mostly BAKING SODA which is a BASE (remember acids & basis from high school/college?), and bases will denature (or permeate & destroy) lipids (fats) - much of the bacteria which cause the occasional breakout has a semi-permeable fatty membrane which baking soda (toothpaste) will destroy the bacteria's membrane causing the zit to weep and dry up, reducing its' awfulness. (As I have mentioned before - you ladies know my college degree is in medicine and my minor is pharmacology so I have to equate everything to jargon But it really helps when Im choosing products/routines!)

I swear by toothpaste ladies, its no joke. I find that PEPSODENT works the best (I hear you can buy it at The Dollar Tree for...wait for it...ONE DOLLAR!).

Believe me, there is NOTHING WORSE than that surprise acne, so next time one of those nasty ugly red monsters decides to vaca on your face, clean 'em up !

xoxo Crystal

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