Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chanel Spotlight: Metiers d'art

Chanel's Metiers d'art Show -

Guests were absolutely stunned with visions of deep and dramatic Indian-inspired scenes; a delightful and decadent sensory overload of culture meeting high fashion. Sophisticated and alluring spins of Parisian interpretations of classic Indian threads, this was a night to surely be recounted for years to come. Even the set was brilliantly thought out and designed not missing a single detail. A fun pairing of silk saris and tweed, rich blacks and pops of pink here and there graced the catwalk - accessories were incorporated into many of the pieces - small purses with texture and ironic shape - but rightfully so. Strings of pearls were seen being worn as belts and the traditional headpieces are worn.

The catwalk was quite beautiful - very white with long and elegant banquet tables lining each runway; beautifully lit and eloquent.

The makeup was impeccable as one would suspect, after all we are talking CHANEL. Beautiful black shadows and deep cat eyes - nothing less than perfect. Skin was natural, matte, and natural lips.

This was defiantly a show to remember.

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