Friday, January 13, 2012

Companies and Reviews

This is an issue that I have been noticing occurring for some time, not only with myself but with other YouTubers. Each month I get contacted by several companies asking if I would like to review for them, as many of you know, I only review companies that I wholeheartedly believe in or that I personally enjoy or that would benefit YOU LADIES. I do NOT review for free products as I find that to be a bit tacky and a poor reflection of character. On many occasions I have offered to purchase the product I am being asked to review, however companies would truly rather send it in exchange for an honest review.
I have been blessed that the companies I review are honest, hard working, quality companies; many are larger names such as Milani, Stila & Sheer Cover and many are hard working smaller companies who are on their way to big things.
When I get asked to review I take several things into consideration before agreeing or disagreeing, once I have made up my mind I contact them within a very timely manor (24-48 hours which I let them know is my policy).

Here is my qualm: When a company asks me to review and I agree, they take a very long time to get the ball rolling. This has happened 3 times now and I am frustrated over the lack of regard for my subscribers and myself.

I have a channel to run, point blank. I have to plan out my channel by months including what giveaways will be done and when (and dates), tutorials, editing time, and reviews. I like to have a certain plan for my reviews and I let them know this ahead of time. I ask that they be considerate when getting back to me about set up so that I may plan what week I review or when to expect their package.

Today was the last straw - a company contacted me asking that I review for them, after consideration I agreed and pitched what I would like to do. They took 5 days to reply (which I get - they are busy), but in their reply they still did not answer any of my questions nor did they say much about the topic of review.

As a business owner myself I understand things get busy, paying customers are #1 - but please do NOT contact me asking that I review a product and then take your time about the set up. I have my subscribers to entertain and to think about with EVERY video I do. These same subscribers are your FUTURE CLIENTS and if you can't respect them or the situation then Id rather have nothing to do with your company.

So here is my idea: you know that I ONLY review items I enjoy (yet I do tell the negative aspects of them), I don't find it worth anyones time to film and edit angry or negative reviews. If I haven't filmed it, its not worth my time. HOWEVER, this situation is truly getting to me, not just this, but other interactions I have personally had with companies that I purchase from often on my own accord whose customer service is just below adequate.
What I may begin doing is blogging about these experiences so give you a heads up on these occurrences. Not intended to have anyone stop supporting them, but it should be made known when a company is not being 110%. That was why The Better Business Bureau was created, to be able to document companies that were below quota on quality service.

It wouldn't be on this blog - this blog is ONLY for fashion & beauty, but it will be on a separate blog or forum where YouTube Gurus can go to warm one another on flaky companies and where EVERYONE can go to warn one another about their experiences as well - keeping in mind that these are ONLY ONE PERSONS EXPERIENCE, but thats all it takes is one person and word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Again, the breaking point is my subscribers and the lack of respect that these 3 companies had when they knew I had certain timelines to adhere to. I am the most understanding, non judgmental person in the world, honestly, hand to God....but when I am asked to review something and then I agree and you stonewall?!?! That is when you get called out.



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  1. Wow, I completely agree with you on so many levels on this entire blog. This has happened to me several times and quite frankly, it has made me very skeptical in some companies. Luckily, I'm like you and usually review major companies but some of the smaller companies that I thought were doing big things have disappointed me. I have emailed this one lady in regards to a review she wants me to do since before the holidays and she has asked for my address atleast 5 times! Humph...As a business owner myself, I find their customer service to be very poor.