Friday, January 6, 2012

Trend Watch: 2011 Trends We Loved & Hated & My 2012 PREDICTIONS!

Happy Friday Ladies & Gents! So I thought it would be fun to talk a bit about some great trends and make a few predictions for 2012. Have you ever experienced falling in love with a certain color/fabric/looks/brands/companies only to find that EVERYONE begins to rock it in the new year? This happens to so many of us that its only fun & fair to make some 2012 predictions!

Lets begin by stating some great style & beauty trends that gained some notoriety in 2011:

- Red Bottoms (Shoes)

- The Neutral Look

- Belted Cardigans paired with sexy A-Lines or skin tight skinnys

- A Nude Lip

- Sally Hansen Nail Appliques

- Wet N Wild (admit it - they became HUGE via YouTube)

- The Naked 1 Palette

- The iPhone S

- Spiked Heels

- Basket Ball Wives inspired earrings (BBW Earrings)

- Feathered Earrings

- Pleated Long Skirts

- Sketchers Shape Ups

- Owls - seriously they were everywhere - earrings, shirts, rings!

- Animal Hats (really? REALLY?!?!?!??!?)

Now for my 2012 Fashion & Beauty Predictions:

- The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay - WAY hotter than N1

- Sketcher's Tone Up's

- Snake Skin EVERYTHING - from shoes to bags to patent leather wrist cuffs.

- Greys...LOTS of greys!

- Rockabilly - if you are in "The Know" than you already know that pockets around the Nation are going strong and have been for YEARS with Rockabilly - REAL Rockabilly, that is. Music and clothes, this style is super fembot and sickeningly amazing. However I just hope that it doesn't get toned down nor do the new comers forget those who have been doing it LONG before 2012.

- Beige Clothes with smoked out faces

- Hot Pink Lips with EVERYTHING

- Glamour Doll Eyes Cosmetics - this company is seriously intense - incredible color payoff and longevity of the products, the colors are limitless and come in every finish and shade. The price couldn't be more perfect and with 2 free samples with EVERY order and FREE SHIPPING on samples, how can you say no?! Plus its a true addiction to try to collect EVERY color! This company has BIG THINGS coming in 2012 - this I feel.

- Hunny Deco - an amazingly adorable cellphone case company specializing in those 3D collages of awesomeness that we saw EVERYWHERE in 2011 in people's iPhones and smartphones. FREE SHIPPING plus FAST SHIPPING = happy customers!

- Grunge - its coming back and its sexy, WAY sexy. With modern tweaks and tousled hair, the jeans will be tighter, the leathers cropped, and the lips BOLD.

- Pastel Eyes - Im dreading this, but Im seeing it in EVERY palette ready for spring.

- Crystal Encrusted Heels

- Color Blocking Neon Colors - Hot Orange Pants (Trousers) with Solid Pink Luggage & a Solid Whiter than White Button Up Shirt.

- Animal Prints & Sold Bright Colors/Pastels - A Zebra Trench with a gorgeous Neon Orange Jimmy Choo clutch.

- Liquid Black Liner in retro style

- TREES on everything - shits, rings, necklaces...

- Satchels with utilitarian hard wear with a feminine edge - PERFECT!

- Pink Heels

- iPhone 4S


- Creative Heels - zippers, name it!

- More intense colors on our lower lash line...think burnt reds and velvety purples.

- Michael Kors Watches - I really think we will see a HUGE increase in people pairing chunky utilitarian MK watches with delicate bangles.

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