Saturday, January 7, 2012

Swimsuit Edition 2012

Once again I have laryngitis - I quite literally can't talk above a whisper SO that means making videos for my YouTube channel is quite the challenge. i have so many reviews coming up && giveaways and I can't really film ANY until my voice is recovered. In the meanwhile I will be blogging daily (or more!) to keep you from boredom - or at least to keep ME from going nuts !!

Its January but I felt that its best to get an early start on swimsuits and of course, my predictions for what I think we will be seeing on runways from here to Paris. The best part about high fashion swim wear is that its on of the easiest things to replicate on ourselves; while many of us won't run right out to grab a Chanel swimsuit, the majority still can take bits and pieces of what made it so hot and add it to their own. We also see many small stores (Target, Kohls) selling designer wear specially produced for their outlet at a fraction of the price.
This season I foresee bold statements - remember yesterday when I blogged about the upcoming prediction of creative heels? (Heels with everything from buckles to chains to spikes to crystals?) I feel that the same will be popularized on the catwalks this summer.

Im also predicting that this will be the summer for accessories! Woven cuffs paired with a bold colored heel and a swimsuit; strands of Tiffany's-Inspired "Champagne Bubbles" around necks with one piece bathing suits in dark purples and dusty rose with a rise gold kitten heel to match.

I also feel that designers are going to lean more towards precision-cut swim wear; the world is taking notice that not every woman is a size 2, many women (Wendy Williams for example!) are sexy and curvaceous with taller than tall legs and busts that define femininity to its core - they need a bathing suit that supports ALL OF THAT in a way that is not only sexy but also tasteful. We don't want to cover up the goods, but we also don't want to let it all hang out in an unflattering showcase.
There are also the petite ladies - smaller chested ladies, flat chested ladies - who also want to accentuate what they DO have and maybe wear fabrics or prints that can embellish what they don't - and beads don't cut it anymore. Swimwear is difficult to experiment with fabrics, this is why I feel may designers (large & smaller) tend to gravitate to embellishments that are cheap like plastic "wood" or beads - it looks cheap and it doesn't last.

I really like Victoria's Secret for their wide array of swim wear for many body types and breast types; in summer 2011 they released their baddest, hottest bikini top yet - The Miricle Bra Swim Wear - this not only gave A Cups the chance to look their best, but it also did so in a way that was quite natural. Bold solids colors and very little in the way of shimmer.
They also do Monokinis like no other - I feel the MONOKINI will be huge in twenty twelve; as will the one piece with the cuts all on the sides - this not only allows skin to tastefully peek-a-boo but also isn't your mom's one piece. It can be dressed up with rose gold strands and a bold red bottom heel or worn alone with some patent leather snakeskin wrist cuffs.

Another 2012 summer swimwear prediction I have (sadly) is something that is really quite the bus here on the West Coast and that would be surfer wetsuits - the idea is really being emulated by swim wear designer Liza Marie Fernandez.
She is all about the neoprene being mixed with a lot of oomph. Should we even venture to ask why?
The January 2012 issue of Vogue has a spotlight on Fernandez pairing up with designer Peter Pilotto (who has been noted for making a Swiss Lace PENCIL SKIRT OUT OF NEOPRENE!!! WTH?!?!?). While I am intrigued with their fascination of illumination through leaves of jungle type settings, I am not in love in the least with their concepts.

All in all, I think summer 2012 will be the hottest yet - we have a little over 4 months to tone up our bodies, eat right, and stay healthy! What are YOUR summer predictions? What fashions this summer do you most look forward to?

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