Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HANDS DOWN This Springs' Nail Colors Are Gorgeous!

Im lying on my sofa swaddled in my big, comfy, micro fleece Hello Kitty robe, waiting for Ben to be done with his homework so that we can begin our nightly at home Yoga session when I decide to begin researching the hottest spring 2012 colors for nails - personally its a toss up! Butter London & Zoya have some haute colors this spring and I know you ladies are going to love them!

Pinks, Greens, Glitters, and yes - my predicted and mu favorite - GRAY!!! Will be making a huge appearance on hands from here to Bejing this season with some fabulous finishes and racy drying times! Pastels (like it or not) are back and in full swing as illustrated with Butter London's "Trout Pout" and "Slapper" and with Zoya's "Bevin".
But we are also seeing a mirage of gorgeous glitters that aren't your usual rounded or di-cut flecks - these are more like multi-toned oblong and rectangle glitters as seen with Zoya's "Fleck Effect" Trio.

Some honorable mentions are also Butter London's "Bossy Boots" - a beautifully flat, lighter noted grey with a high shine finish, and Zoya's "Lotus" - described as a *soft, dusty blue-toned, amethyst purple with colorful shimmer which reflects pink, red, and gold*.

For those of us who can't stand the thought of warmer weather without the hot pinks, Butter London has just the thing to quench our thirst with "Disco Biscuit" - a vibrant hot pink with *tiny iridescent glitter particles*

See for yourself at: