Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Stay Beautiful in 2012

It's often that our days find us skimming through the fashion magazines while we're on line at Whole Foods waiting to check out or that we ourselves can become so wrapped up in wanting things - items - makeup - clothes - handbags - that we can forget how the ways that we can be beautiful everyday.
I'm not saying that wanting that hot new Michael Kors rose gold watch encrusted with diamonds is a bad thing (HINT HINT TO MY FIANCE WHO READS THIS!!!), but I am saying that we may not always have the time, finances, or reason for obtaining these items as soon as we want them, and lets be honest, once we get them we love them for a while and inevitably the newness fades and we will want something else "better".

There are ways in the new year that can make us stay beautiful and feel like we have it all (because we will!) and won't leave us with that constant want (well, most of us - unfortunately there are those girls - and I know a few Im sorry to admit - who constantly want and get bored once they get the object then want again)...lets get to it!

1. Volunteer - This is one of the best things anyone can door others and fir themselves. I fell in love with volunteering 9 years ago the year I graduated High School - I was feeling a bit empty in and among the apprehension of graduation and college coming up, so I spend my days as the ONLY volunteer for our local dog shelter for 3 years. I became so involved that it was what ultimately peaked my interest in veterinary medicine and helped me discover what I truly wanted to major in in college. I also love volunteering with children who have been born addicted and FAS/SAY, and are in need of psychological help (I have my CDP), women from Domestic Violence Situations, and At Risk Youth. Volunteering can be done ANYWHERE - with homeless, with children, with animals, with the elderly, at hospitals, at veterinary clinics, ANYWHERE. Talk about good karma.

2. Learn to Love Yourself - this is one of the best ways to stay young, gorgeous, and fabulous. Each day remind yourself of something that makes you proud - are you a great cook? An awesome artist? Are you fabulous at gymnastics or an amazing mom? TELL YOURSELF!

3. Learn to Forgive - This isn't easy and it isn't fun and there IS a thin line between being forgiving and being a chump. But in all reality, not everyone knows what an idiot they are and some people can hurt you or just annoy you without realizing it; FORGIVE. Forgive past transgressions, forgive your assistant if she forgot a task at work, or your classmate who forgot to type up a paper - things happen. Forgiving others humbles you and opens you up to forgive yourself. If that means therapy for the past issues, then so be it. if it means looking within to hurtful places, then OK. Be strong, I know you are.

4. Feed your Body & Soul Well in 2012 - Make this year the year that you REALLY begin to treat yourself right - for a long time I wash;t so kind to myself (one day we may get into that) and I am paying for it in certain ways today, 20/20 Hindsight unfortunately, but it doesn't have to be so bad. Wether you are 12 or 92, you HAVE to understand that you are worth putting good food into yourself, good people around yourself, and good things on yourself.

5. Pamper Your Neck - Yes, your neck. In your early 20s you may not be thinking of your neck exactly, but I learned in my mid 20s that its an incredibly important step to be skipping in my day to day routine. I don't want to be in my 40s and have a chicken skin neck - you get what Im saying? So baby your neck like you baby your face.

6. WATER WATER WATER your body - 2012 should be your year to be one with water. Not only is water a crucial element on a cellular level, but it makes us feel alive. Trust me, drink 8-10 eight ounce glasses a day and let me know how you feel.

7. Begin Yoga - Yoga is one of the best things anyone can do for their mind and body, it not only tones you up, it helps clear your mind, eases back pain, and helps you focus breathing. There is yoga for nearly everything you can think of. Adding that 20-40 minutes of Yoga to your day (if you can) really just brings you to back to earth and back to yourself.

8. Laugh - Really, laugh! A few weeks ago Ben and I were lying in bed just after we had tucked all the dogs into their beds (yes, all 3 of our dogs have a bed EACH - they are our kids) and we were about to close our eyes to sleep when I just started laughing! Not any laugh either, it was that guttural, in my tummy, tears streaming, I can't breath type laugh! And it felt amazing!! Allow laughter in, always.

9. Do something that you said you would do last year but didn't - We are human and we can't keep up with EVERYTHING that we wanted to get done, but this year is different, do something that really was important last year - maybe it was joining that gym, eating right, walking an hour a day....

10. Take care of your heart - in more ways than one. Of course whole grains and walking help your heart function at its best, but also take care of your heart against those who don't care much about others. Don't allow yourself to give that blood pumper to anyone - your heart keeps YOU alive...don't forget that.

Happy 2012 I love you ladies!

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  1. amazing tips! Definitely writing this all down now! <3