Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Good Evening Lovelies! Washington State is still in a State of Emergency - I am hunkered down here in Seattle all cozy watching YouTube and then it hit me - I was getting so turned off by some of the women I was watching. Foul mouthed is putting it kindly, one of the last videos I watched I believe the word "B*tch" and "Sh*t" came out of this young lady's mouth 15 times in the first 6 minutes.
I am not one to judge, I think you all know this - however - I AM one to critique.

What is happening to being a LADY? Why do women feel this need to use these words in their regular vernacular? For me, this makes ANYONE sound ignorant.

But in the YouTube world, it just makes you sound like you need a good, long soak in a bathtub full of antibacterial soap.

I understand some of us get "heated" and need to vent and perhaps YouTube is the place for many women, but when I go to someone's beauty channel I don't really want or care to see "vlogs" about some other issue or argument you are having with someone in the World Wide Web or if I choose to watch a review (even if you are UNHAPPY with a product) I find that swearing or speaking inexcusably poorly about a company is just so beneath and classless. The moment a cuss word comes out I honestly click off the video - its just tacky.

As women I feel that we truly should take care of the image we represent - we ARE strong and beautiful, highly evolved and intelligent. We CAN do anything, we ARE unstoppable.....until Foul Mouth Francine comes along and sets us back.

Mind you, swearing is not and should not be a measure of femininity, nor should it be of one's class - but it is in many circles. And it's also a measure of character - and when you willingly place your videos on a social platform such as YouTube, you DO have a responsibility to adhere to some kind of ultimate tactfulness.

I am sure that I am not alone in this whole being turned off by women cussing in their videos issue - or when women bring their friendship drama onto their Beauty/etc channel. It says something - it says that we will remain a catty species, a species that will never be able to come to terms with our own sense of what it means to be a woman.

Maybe Im old fashioned, but there is no need for swearing - I know that MANY of my subscribers are under 18, under 15! And I respect that and I truly respect ALL of my subscribers enough to make reliable beauty videos (thats what they subscribed for, isn't it?!) and I have an ethical code that entails me NOT losing my cool or showing even an ounce of classless behavior because my subscribers deserve better than that.
They deserve exactly what they subscribed for.

I suppose I have had enough of some women I see who make fools of themselves on the internet cussing and sharing their business with the world (and with those who really wanted to just see a beauty video - not a MOCKumentary). I just couldn't believe that in a 30 minute span, not ONE video I clicked on was cuss-free.

Where are all the Classy Women at?!


  1. Well said and I TOTALLY agree! If I am watching a beauty blogger's review, tutorial etc. and they swear frequently it just makes me cringe, especially if they drop a few 'F- bombs' here and there. That is the WORST one! Like you, it makes me want to go and watch something else. I sometimes wonder if people actually like complaining haha When I have had great customer service with a company or store, it baffles me as to why everyone else says they've had a bad experience :S Keep up the good work, hun! xoxo Evelyn

  2. Nicely said! They can't go 3 minute while making a video to clean up their language?!!
    Much love!