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Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Foundation - Review

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Glam Eyez GIVEAWAY!!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies! As promised, here are the official rules & details about the GamEyez.com GIVEAWAY! I have already posted a review & tutorial about and using Glam Eyez Mineral Pigments & Gloss, so be sure to check those videos out as well - these cosmetics are truly incredible.

What You Will Win:

FIVE (5) Clam Jars FULL of pigments! YOU PICK any 5 you would like!

How To Enter:

1. MUST be a subscriber of my YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/crystalseattletv)

2. MUST be subscribed/following THIS BEAUTY BLOG - to the RIGHT of this page you will see a link that indicates how to follow - CLICK IT! I will absolutely be checking.

3. MUST be a subscriber of GLAM EYEZ YOUTUBE (http://www.youtube.com/user/glameyezdotcom - leave a comment on the GLAM EYEZ YouTube saying CRYSTALSEATTLETV SENT YOU

4. MUST *LIKE* The Glam Eyez Facebook Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/glameyez) AND comment saying that CRYSTALSEATTLETV SENT YOU.

5. Come back to THIS BLOG ENTRY and comment with the following information: Your YouTube, Your Facebook Name, and let me know that you are following THIS BLOG & that you have followed ALL RULES.

Failure to follow any rule(s) WILL result in immediate disqualification from contest.

This contest will end FEBRUARY 28th, 2012 at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.
Good Luck!!!!

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Valentine's Sweetheart Giveaway !!!

Hello Loves! This is going to be a special blog giveaway ONLY for my blog followers! As many of you know I have a wonderful relationship with the fabulous & natural cosmetic company - Herban Luxe - and owner and founder, Myra, was sweet enough to put together a fun set of necessities for your Valentine's Day!
The photo below is what one lucky lady will win!


1. You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to my YOUTUBE channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/crystalseattletv)


3. You Must LIKE Herban Luxe on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HerbanLuxe?ref=ts And tell them that CRYSTALSEATTLETV SENT YOU

4. Comment below telling me what your favorite Valentine's Day Candy is!

5. SHARE THIS BLOG ON YOUR FACEBOOK! At the end of this entry you can click the "F" and SHARE THIS on your Facebook page or your Twitter - OR - you can COPY the link in the bar and PASTE it onto your Twitter or Facebook.

Herban Luxe will be sending your prize directly to the winner - PLEASE FOLLOW ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS - lack of doing so will result in disqualification.

Ends February 14th 2012 at MIDNIGHT PST.

Check out Herban Luxe on Etsy!


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Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Good Evening Lovelies! Washington State is still in a State of Emergency - I am hunkered down here in Seattle all cozy watching YouTube and then it hit me - I was getting so turned off by some of the women I was watching. Foul mouthed is putting it kindly, one of the last videos I watched I believe the word "B*tch" and "Sh*t" came out of this young lady's mouth 15 times in the first 6 minutes.
I am not one to judge, I think you all know this - however - I AM one to critique.

What is happening to being a LADY? Why do women feel this need to use these words in their regular vernacular? For me, this makes ANYONE sound ignorant.

But in the YouTube world, it just makes you sound like you need a good, long soak in a bathtub full of antibacterial soap.

I understand some of us get "heated" and need to vent and perhaps YouTube is the place for many women, but when I go to someone's beauty channel I don't really want or care to see "vlogs" about some other issue or argument you are having with someone in the World Wide Web or if I choose to watch a review (even if you are UNHAPPY with a product) I find that swearing or speaking inexcusably poorly about a company is just so beneath and classless. The moment a cuss word comes out I honestly click off the video - its just tacky.

As women I feel that we truly should take care of the image we represent - we ARE strong and beautiful, highly evolved and intelligent. We CAN do anything, we ARE unstoppable.....until Foul Mouth Francine comes along and sets us back.

Mind you, swearing is not and should not be a measure of femininity, nor should it be of one's class - but it is in many circles. And it's also a measure of character - and when you willingly place your videos on a social platform such as YouTube, you DO have a responsibility to adhere to some kind of ultimate tactfulness.

I am sure that I am not alone in this whole being turned off by women cussing in their videos issue - or when women bring their friendship drama onto their Beauty/etc channel. It says something - it says that we will remain a catty species, a species that will never be able to come to terms with our own sense of what it means to be a woman.

Maybe Im old fashioned, but there is no need for swearing - I know that MANY of my subscribers are under 18, under 15! And I respect that and I truly respect ALL of my subscribers enough to make reliable beauty videos (thats what they subscribed for, isn't it?!) and I have an ethical code that entails me NOT losing my cool or showing even an ounce of classless behavior because my subscribers deserve better than that.
They deserve exactly what they subscribed for.

I suppose I have had enough of some women I see who make fools of themselves on the internet cussing and sharing their business with the world (and with those who really wanted to just see a beauty video - not a MOCKumentary). I just couldn't believe that in a 30 minute span, not ONE video I clicked on was cuss-free.

Where are all the Classy Women at?!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HANDS DOWN This Springs' Nail Colors Are Gorgeous!

Im lying on my sofa swaddled in my big, comfy, micro fleece Hello Kitty robe, waiting for Ben to be done with his homework so that we can begin our nightly at home Yoga session when I decide to begin researching the hottest spring 2012 colors for nails - personally its a toss up! Butter London & Zoya have some haute colors this spring and I know you ladies are going to love them!

Pinks, Greens, Glitters, and yes - my predicted and mu favorite - GRAY!!! Will be making a huge appearance on hands from here to Bejing this season with some fabulous finishes and racy drying times! Pastels (like it or not) are back and in full swing as illustrated with Butter London's "Trout Pout" and "Slapper" and with Zoya's "Bevin".
But we are also seeing a mirage of gorgeous glitters that aren't your usual rounded or di-cut flecks - these are more like multi-toned oblong and rectangle glitters as seen with Zoya's "Fleck Effect" Trio.

Some honorable mentions are also Butter London's "Bossy Boots" - a beautifully flat, lighter noted grey with a high shine finish, and Zoya's "Lotus" - described as a *soft, dusty blue-toned, amethyst purple with colorful shimmer which reflects pink, red, and gold*.

For those of us who can't stand the thought of warmer weather without the hot pinks, Butter London has just the thing to quench our thirst with "Disco Biscuit" - a vibrant hot pink with *tiny iridescent glitter particles*

See for yourself at:



Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush Collection - Review

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Milani Cosmetics Lip Flash - Review

Lime Crime Cosmetics Introduces CHINADOLL

Lime Crime LoverS UNITE!


Indie style icon Hanna Beth had a generous hand in Lime Crime's first pressed shadow palette debut: China Doll, a gorgeously thoughtful five pan palette just in time for Spring. This palette features four mattes and one metallic in some of the most true-to-Lime Crime-vibrant colors imaginable - with names to match. These highly pigmented shadows are beautifully blendable with a gorgeous, long wearing finish; the shadows are began and cruelty free (which we all know is hotter than hot to be), and come in a gorgeously slender, electric purple tin with gilded designs on top with the Lime Crime Logo in the middle.
This palette is definitely one to add to your collection, this is a huge success for Lime Crime, too! Finally after so many times of wishing for a palette, Chinadoll comes with the same fierceness and fire that Lime Crime Cosmetics cultivates and deserves.

Chinadoll is a permanent addition to the Lime Crime Cosmetics and will be available for the public on February 15, 2012.

Cost: $34.99


Fly Dragon Fly – fiery red [matte]
Parasol – sky blue [matte]
Goldfish – bright gold [metallic]
Jade-o-Lade – rich jade [matte]
Lotus Noir – deepest black [matte]

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Milani Glow Natural Foundation Review

Companies and Reviews

This is an issue that I have been noticing occurring for some time, not only with myself but with other YouTubers. Each month I get contacted by several companies asking if I would like to review for them, as many of you know, I only review companies that I wholeheartedly believe in or that I personally enjoy or that would benefit YOU LADIES. I do NOT review for free products as I find that to be a bit tacky and a poor reflection of character. On many occasions I have offered to purchase the product I am being asked to review, however companies would truly rather send it in exchange for an honest review.
I have been blessed that the companies I review are honest, hard working, quality companies; many are larger names such as Milani, Stila & Sheer Cover and many are hard working smaller companies who are on their way to big things.
When I get asked to review I take several things into consideration before agreeing or disagreeing, once I have made up my mind I contact them within a very timely manor (24-48 hours which I let them know is my policy).

Here is my qualm: When a company asks me to review and I agree, they take a very long time to get the ball rolling. This has happened 3 times now and I am frustrated over the lack of regard for my subscribers and myself.

I have a channel to run, point blank. I have to plan out my channel by months including what giveaways will be done and when (and dates), tutorials, editing time, and reviews. I like to have a certain plan for my reviews and I let them know this ahead of time. I ask that they be considerate when getting back to me about set up so that I may plan what week I review or when to expect their package.

Today was the last straw - a company contacted me asking that I review for them, after consideration I agreed and pitched what I would like to do. They took 5 days to reply (which I get - they are busy), but in their reply they still did not answer any of my questions nor did they say much about the topic of review.

As a business owner myself I understand things get busy, paying customers are #1 - but please do NOT contact me asking that I review a product and then take your time about the set up. I have my subscribers to entertain and to think about with EVERY video I do. These same subscribers are your FUTURE CLIENTS and if you can't respect them or the situation then Id rather have nothing to do with your company.

So here is my idea: you know that I ONLY review items I enjoy (yet I do tell the negative aspects of them), I don't find it worth anyones time to film and edit angry or negative reviews. If I haven't filmed it, its not worth my time. HOWEVER, this situation is truly getting to me, not just this, but other interactions I have personally had with companies that I purchase from often on my own accord whose customer service is just below adequate.
What I may begin doing is blogging about these experiences so give you a heads up on these occurrences. Not intended to have anyone stop supporting them, but it should be made known when a company is not being 110%. That was why The Better Business Bureau was created, to be able to document companies that were below quota on quality service.

It wouldn't be on this blog - this blog is ONLY for fashion & beauty, but it will be on a separate blog or forum where YouTube Gurus can go to warm one another on flaky companies and where EVERYONE can go to warn one another about their experiences as well - keeping in mind that these are ONLY ONE PERSONS EXPERIENCE, but thats all it takes is one person and word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Again, the breaking point is my subscribers and the lack of respect that these 3 companies had when they knew I had certain timelines to adhere to. I am the most understanding, non judgmental person in the world, honestly, hand to God....but when I am asked to review something and then I agree and you stonewall?!?! That is when you get called out.



Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's the Buzz with BB Creams?

BB Creams have been incredibly popular within the last year thanks to YouTube Gurus gushing over their claims and the magic that they cultivate, but BB Creams have actually been around for quite sometime many times being called by their full names "Beauty Balms" or "Blemish Balms". Originated in Europe by German Dermatologists for patients with acne scars, BB Creams were also wonder workers for skin showing other scarifications from laser procedures; BB Creams helped lighten up acne scars to the point of setting off the craze of what is so wildly known today as BB Cream.

Everyone's Got One:
Once sold primarily in Asia, now everyone from Mac to Etude House, seems to be jumping on the BB Cream bandwagon. BB Cream has some wonderful soothing properties and is also known for cellular regeneration on an epithelial level.

Who Has BB Cream?

- MAC Pep + Prime BB Beauty Balm with SPF 35

- Skin 79 BB Cream

- Hanskin Caviar BB Gold Cream with SPF 21

- Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

- Dr. Jart+ BB Balm

- Boscia BB Cream with SPF 27

- Too Faced Beauty Balm SPF 20

- Smashbox Photo Ready BB Cream SPF 35

For more BB Creams & Balms check out Sephora.com or your local Nordstrom, Macy*s, Belk.

Top 10 Ways to Stay Beautiful in 2012

It's often that our days find us skimming through the fashion magazines while we're on line at Whole Foods waiting to check out or that we ourselves can become so wrapped up in wanting things - items - makeup - clothes - handbags - that we can forget how the ways that we can be beautiful everyday.
I'm not saying that wanting that hot new Michael Kors rose gold watch encrusted with diamonds is a bad thing (HINT HINT TO MY FIANCE WHO READS THIS!!!), but I am saying that we may not always have the time, finances, or reason for obtaining these items as soon as we want them, and lets be honest, once we get them we love them for a while and inevitably the newness fades and we will want something else "better".

There are ways in the new year that can make us stay beautiful and feel like we have it all (because we will!) and won't leave us with that constant want (well, most of us - unfortunately there are those girls - and I know a few Im sorry to admit - who constantly want and get bored once they get the object then want again)...lets get to it!

1. Volunteer - This is one of the best things anyone can door others and fir themselves. I fell in love with volunteering 9 years ago the year I graduated High School - I was feeling a bit empty in and among the apprehension of graduation and college coming up, so I spend my days as the ONLY volunteer for our local dog shelter for 3 years. I became so involved that it was what ultimately peaked my interest in veterinary medicine and helped me discover what I truly wanted to major in in college. I also love volunteering with children who have been born addicted and FAS/SAY, and are in need of psychological help (I have my CDP), women from Domestic Violence Situations, and At Risk Youth. Volunteering can be done ANYWHERE - with homeless, with children, with animals, with the elderly, at hospitals, at veterinary clinics, ANYWHERE. Talk about good karma.

2. Learn to Love Yourself - this is one of the best ways to stay young, gorgeous, and fabulous. Each day remind yourself of something that makes you proud - are you a great cook? An awesome artist? Are you fabulous at gymnastics or an amazing mom? TELL YOURSELF!

3. Learn to Forgive - This isn't easy and it isn't fun and there IS a thin line between being forgiving and being a chump. But in all reality, not everyone knows what an idiot they are and some people can hurt you or just annoy you without realizing it; FORGIVE. Forgive past transgressions, forgive your assistant if she forgot a task at work, or your classmate who forgot to type up a paper - things happen. Forgiving others humbles you and opens you up to forgive yourself. If that means therapy for the past issues, then so be it. if it means looking within to hurtful places, then OK. Be strong, I know you are.

4. Feed your Body & Soul Well in 2012 - Make this year the year that you REALLY begin to treat yourself right - for a long time I wash;t so kind to myself (one day we may get into that) and I am paying for it in certain ways today, 20/20 Hindsight unfortunately, but it doesn't have to be so bad. Wether you are 12 or 92, you HAVE to understand that you are worth putting good food into yourself, good people around yourself, and good things on yourself.

5. Pamper Your Neck - Yes, your neck. In your early 20s you may not be thinking of your neck exactly, but I learned in my mid 20s that its an incredibly important step to be skipping in my day to day routine. I don't want to be in my 40s and have a chicken skin neck - you get what Im saying? So baby your neck like you baby your face.

6. WATER WATER WATER your body - 2012 should be your year to be one with water. Not only is water a crucial element on a cellular level, but it makes us feel alive. Trust me, drink 8-10 eight ounce glasses a day and let me know how you feel.

7. Begin Yoga - Yoga is one of the best things anyone can do for their mind and body, it not only tones you up, it helps clear your mind, eases back pain, and helps you focus breathing. There is yoga for nearly everything you can think of. Adding that 20-40 minutes of Yoga to your day (if you can) really just brings you to back to earth and back to yourself.

8. Laugh - Really, laugh! A few weeks ago Ben and I were lying in bed just after we had tucked all the dogs into their beds (yes, all 3 of our dogs have a bed EACH - they are our kids) and we were about to close our eyes to sleep when I just started laughing! Not any laugh either, it was that guttural, in my tummy, tears streaming, I can't breath type laugh! And it felt amazing!! Allow laughter in, always.

9. Do something that you said you would do last year but didn't - We are human and we can't keep up with EVERYTHING that we wanted to get done, but this year is different, do something that really was important last year - maybe it was joining that gym, eating right, walking an hour a day....

10. Take care of your heart - in more ways than one. Of course whole grains and walking help your heart function at its best, but also take care of your heart against those who don't care much about others. Don't allow yourself to give that blood pumper to anyone - your heart keeps YOU alive...don't forget that.

Happy 2012 I love you ladies!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Swimsuit Edition 2012

Once again I have laryngitis - I quite literally can't talk above a whisper SO that means making videos for my YouTube channel is quite the challenge. i have so many reviews coming up && giveaways and I can't really film ANY until my voice is recovered. In the meanwhile I will be blogging daily (or more!) to keep you from boredom - or at least to keep ME from going nuts !!

Its January but I felt that its best to get an early start on swimsuits and of course, my predictions for what I think we will be seeing on runways from here to Paris. The best part about high fashion swim wear is that its on of the easiest things to replicate on ourselves; while many of us won't run right out to grab a Chanel swimsuit, the majority still can take bits and pieces of what made it so hot and add it to their own. We also see many small stores (Target, Kohls) selling designer wear specially produced for their outlet at a fraction of the price.
This season I foresee bold statements - remember yesterday when I blogged about the upcoming prediction of creative heels? (Heels with everything from buckles to chains to spikes to crystals?) I feel that the same will be popularized on the catwalks this summer.

Im also predicting that this will be the summer for accessories! Woven cuffs paired with a bold colored heel and a swimsuit; strands of Tiffany's-Inspired "Champagne Bubbles" around necks with one piece bathing suits in dark purples and dusty rose with a rise gold kitten heel to match.

I also feel that designers are going to lean more towards precision-cut swim wear; the world is taking notice that not every woman is a size 2, many women (Wendy Williams for example!) are sexy and curvaceous with taller than tall legs and busts that define femininity to its core - they need a bathing suit that supports ALL OF THAT in a way that is not only sexy but also tasteful. We don't want to cover up the goods, but we also don't want to let it all hang out in an unflattering showcase.
There are also the petite ladies - smaller chested ladies, flat chested ladies - who also want to accentuate what they DO have and maybe wear fabrics or prints that can embellish what they don't - and beads don't cut it anymore. Swimwear is difficult to experiment with fabrics, this is why I feel may designers (large & smaller) tend to gravitate to embellishments that are cheap like plastic "wood" or beads - it looks cheap and it doesn't last.

I really like Victoria's Secret for their wide array of swim wear for many body types and breast types; in summer 2011 they released their baddest, hottest bikini top yet - The Miricle Bra Swim Wear - this not only gave A Cups the chance to look their best, but it also did so in a way that was quite natural. Bold solids colors and very little in the way of shimmer.
They also do Monokinis like no other - I feel the MONOKINI will be huge in twenty twelve; as will the one piece with the cuts all on the sides - this not only allows skin to tastefully peek-a-boo but also isn't your mom's one piece. It can be dressed up with rose gold strands and a bold red bottom heel or worn alone with some patent leather snakeskin wrist cuffs.

Another 2012 summer swimwear prediction I have (sadly) is something that is really quite the bus here on the West Coast and that would be surfer wetsuits - the idea is really being emulated by swim wear designer Liza Marie Fernandez.
She is all about the neoprene being mixed with a lot of oomph. Should we even venture to ask why?
The January 2012 issue of Vogue has a spotlight on Fernandez pairing up with designer Peter Pilotto (who has been noted for making a Swiss Lace PENCIL SKIRT OUT OF NEOPRENE!!! WTH?!?!?). While I am intrigued with their fascination of illumination through leaves of jungle type settings, I am not in love in the least with their concepts.

All in all, I think summer 2012 will be the hottest yet - we have a little over 4 months to tone up our bodies, eat right, and stay healthy! What are YOUR summer predictions? What fashions this summer do you most look forward to?

Leave it below!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Trend Watch: 2011 Trends We Loved & Hated & My 2012 PREDICTIONS!

Happy Friday Ladies & Gents! So I thought it would be fun to talk a bit about some great trends and make a few predictions for 2012. Have you ever experienced falling in love with a certain color/fabric/looks/brands/companies only to find that EVERYONE begins to rock it in the new year? This happens to so many of us that its only fun & fair to make some 2012 predictions!

Lets begin by stating some great style & beauty trends that gained some notoriety in 2011:

- Red Bottoms (Shoes)

- The Neutral Look

- Belted Cardigans paired with sexy A-Lines or skin tight skinnys

- A Nude Lip

- Sally Hansen Nail Appliques

- Wet N Wild (admit it - they became HUGE via YouTube)

- The Naked 1 Palette

- The iPhone S

- Spiked Heels

- Basket Ball Wives inspired earrings (BBW Earrings)

- Feathered Earrings

- Pleated Long Skirts

- Sketchers Shape Ups

- Owls - seriously they were everywhere - earrings, shirts, rings!

- Animal Hats (really? REALLY?!?!?!??!?)

Now for my 2012 Fashion & Beauty Predictions:

- The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay - WAY hotter than N1

- Sketcher's Tone Up's

- Snake Skin EVERYTHING - from shoes to bags to patent leather wrist cuffs.

- Greys...LOTS of greys!

- Rockabilly - if you are in "The Know" than you already know that pockets around the Nation are going strong and have been for YEARS with Rockabilly - REAL Rockabilly, that is. Music and clothes, this style is super fembot and sickeningly amazing. However I just hope that it doesn't get toned down nor do the new comers forget those who have been doing it LONG before 2012.

- Beige Clothes with smoked out faces

- Hot Pink Lips with EVERYTHING

- Glamour Doll Eyes Cosmetics - this company is seriously intense - incredible color payoff and longevity of the products, the colors are limitless and come in every finish and shade. The price couldn't be more perfect and with 2 free samples with EVERY order and FREE SHIPPING on samples, how can you say no?! Plus its a true addiction to try to collect EVERY color! This company has BIG THINGS coming in 2012 - this I feel.

- Hunny Deco - an amazingly adorable cellphone case company specializing in those 3D collages of awesomeness that we saw EVERYWHERE in 2011 in people's iPhones and smartphones. FREE SHIPPING plus FAST SHIPPING = happy customers!

- Grunge - its coming back and its sexy, WAY sexy. With modern tweaks and tousled hair, the jeans will be tighter, the leathers cropped, and the lips BOLD.

- Pastel Eyes - Im dreading this, but Im seeing it in EVERY palette ready for spring.

- Crystal Encrusted Heels

- Color Blocking Neon Colors - Hot Orange Pants (Trousers) with Solid Pink Luggage & a Solid Whiter than White Button Up Shirt.

- Animal Prints & Sold Bright Colors/Pastels - A Zebra Trench with a gorgeous Neon Orange Jimmy Choo clutch.

- Liquid Black Liner in retro style

- TREES on everything - shits, rings, necklaces...

- Satchels with utilitarian hard wear with a feminine edge - PERFECT!

- Pink Heels

- iPhone 4S


- Creative Heels - zippers, sequin...you name it!

- More intense colors on our lower lash line...think burnt reds and velvety purples.

- Michael Kors Watches - I really think we will see a HUGE increase in people pairing chunky utilitarian MK watches with delicate bangles.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse

She does a wonderful job telling about this product! I once again have laryngitis so I had planned a video where I talk about these two PLUS the Color Stay (Soft Flex Technology) but sadly have zero voice to do so, so I thought I would share this with you ladies!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No More Liz Claiborne?

For those of you who follow fashion it may come as no shock that Juicy Couture & Kate Spade are owned by Liz Claiborne or that Lucky Brand is also owned by the metropolis that is Liz Claiborne, but it still may be a shock that come May 15th Liz Claiborne will be no more - kind of.

The mega mogul fashion enterprise is making some big changes in the new year, most noted: their name - we will soon see their tags reading " FIFTH & PACIFIC".
"Liz Claiborne" has been an American icon since 1976 and has grown exponentially in its years coming out with sisterliness such as Monet, Kensie, and simply Liz by Liz Claiborne; but with the hard-hitting recession it seems that even Liz Claiborne isn't immune to debt. In October 2011 the company sold Kensie and Monet for a reported $328 Million, hence the sudden pop up of Liz Claiborne and Monet across JC Penny's across the nation.

The company has promised to center focus keenly in on "Juicy Couture" and "Kate Spade" much harder now...if you ask me, I feel we may be getting closer to the new trend of high fashion at fraction prices as we have seen in the last 2 years such as Jimmy Choo being sold at H&M, Vera Wang at Khols, and my personal love, Anna Sui for Target (yes..TARGET! and ANNA SUI! Check out the link to watch my ANNA SUI RUNWAY INSPIRED EYES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbHBA_TMcCU&feature=g-upl&context=G292a720AUAAAAZAAMAA).

I predict that if they really want to encourage their debt to subside they have to entice consumers to really want their products - not that Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, etc. aren't beautiful lines, but for the average person, they are pricey. I have a sneaking suspicion that we very well may see more and more high profile fashion items being sold at department stores nationwide.

What favorite designer would you like to see at a more accessible price?

Also...Beginning in May the company will also be trading under FNP (for those of you who keep up with The New York Stock Exchange), so be sure to watch fir that, too!

Hugs, Kisses, & Fashionista Wishes,