Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes

I am really excited to share with you all my pigments & shadows (when they arrive!) from GDE. I just placed the order about 10 minutes ago - I was so inspired to do so by watching one of my favorite Beauty Gals on YouTube, ThatGirlShaeXO - I ordered the following colors:
- Hello Brooklyn
- Hollywood
- Tattooed
- Royal Assassin
- Trophy Wife
- Undead

They have a huge assortment of shimmers and mattes, eye lights and glosses! I encourage all of you lovelies to check them out!


  1. I added pics and the link to GDE where is it?! Gee whiz...

  2. lol i <3 her tutorials with gde! :] hope you do some also please?

  3. Shae is amazing isn't she?!?! I LOVE HER!! I absolutely will be having a few tutorials once they arrive!!! Im so excited!! xoxoxo Love ya lil sis!