Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYX: Harmonica Round Lipstick

Fristy, pink lipsticks may not be everyones favorite - some claim it makes for yellow teeth while others state that it causes dull skin. If you have skin like mine, it's not the case! Olive skin, darker skin, tan skin...THIS lipstick is for US! While that's not to say it won't look good on light skin, I do see why those with said skin would be disappointed with it; I however, LOVE IT.
It makes for gorgeous, sultry nudey pink lips - the perfect compliment to a dark, smokey eye! My opinion? Its all about the eyes. Honestly, sure this frosty pink deliciousness may make certain skin "pale", but so would a lot of other colors if we operate under that theory - so how do those of you with paler skin fix that? BRING OUT THOSE EYES!
I truly believe that YOU make makeup beautiful, NOT the other way around. This lipstick *Harmonica* is absolutely flattering to darker toned skin, its dazzling, not your typical frosty pink either!

Price: $3.99 (on average)

I would certainly buy this again, but Im curious to hear from my lighter skinned beauties out there...what do you feel makes YOUR skin appear "dull"?

Frosty Pink Kisses,



  1. I feel that orange lipsticks make my teeth yellow. But otherwise, I wear any colors, no matter the season/current trend.

  2. I can not wear light purple lips, I bought one because people told me that look good on dark skin, but I don't really like it