Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Herban Luxe Review & YOUTUBE GIVEAWAY!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Herban Luxe Cosmetics, a Connecticut based, organic & hand crafted beauty company, Herban Luxe has stolen my heart! I was sent their new Moscato Wine Lipstick, their *Passion* spearmint lip gloss, a cake shadow in “Wicked Chalice”, and a RollerBabe shadow in *7 Years in Tibet*. I decided to try out the lip gloss and the cake shadow – both have surpassed my initial presumptions! Many times I have tried organic or mineral cosmetics only to be more than slightly disappointed in quality, staying power, or both; Herban Luxe Cosmetics were more than adequate in terms of lasting time – the shadow is going strong at 5 hours (with UD Primer Potion underneath) and the gloss has only been reapplied twice in that time.
The Moscato Wine Lipstick was the first thing that caught my eye on the Etsy Store – it was just such a unique and mindful way to utilize the antioxidants of wine. I truly loved how for each item was included a write up of ingredients and uses – brilliant. The packaging is wonderfully tactful and professional, clean and unbroken upon arrival. As I write this up, I keep getting wafts of the delectable scent of the lip gloss – sugary and menthe, all wrapped up into one creamy ultra gloss! Distracting and delicious!
I am looking forward to trying out the several other colors of cake shadows, Wicked Chalice is a gorgeous moss green with dazzling golden flecks inlaid – incredibly pigmented, soft, and blendable.
None of the cosmetics contain preservatives, this is a key piece of information to know when handling, storing, and keeping your HL products.
Lastly, the way owner Myra Roldan shares of herself and her beginning in making these beautiful creations is so poignant  and so touching, but does not cross the professional boundary – its just enough to make me want to come back for more.
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