Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ulta Coupon Code & Laura Geller

Several months ago I began really listening to friends and fellow BeautyTubers about the brilliance of Laura Geller, although interested, I wasn't totally sold. I have had my fair share of "It" products that are supposed to make my skin flawless, make me feel fabulous, and make me want to buy everything that comes in the line. While I tried to take it all with a grain of salt, I continued to hear these wonderful things. Many times I try and wait until the buzz has died down around ANY new beauty product, THATS when all pod the not-so-nice truths/opinions come out, but here I was a few months later STILL hearing wonderful things.
So aout a month ago I went to Ulta and purchased the $20 trial kit of LG - a Full Size The Real Deal Concealer, a trial of Spackel, and a trial of Balance & Brighten. Sadly, the only one left was on Light - as you know, I am olive. I still rushed home to begin using it - the primer was fabulous, water based (which I LOVE my silicon-based primers) but not so thin that I felt it to be pointless - The Real Deal Concealer, full sized, in light, yes far too light for me, but the point is that was was HEAVY, full coverage! My favorite type of concealer, I cannot express how little is needed, about the size of 2 sesame seeds and a bit thicker, it is fabulous, if I mix it with a bit of a darker concealer its absolutely perfect - and then the Balance & Brighten in light, obviously too light, but again the point is that it is a fantastic product. Its multi dimensional, baked on a terra-cotta stone for 24 hours, with just a small hint of luminescence, this product kept my skin flawless and even.

Yesterday I was out shopping and I decided to pick up the full sizes of those products (and a few more!) at Ulta - Balance & Brighten has become one of my favorite powder foundations. The color just melts into my own (I attribute tat to all of the beautiful mixes of tones and pigments), my skin looks and feel light and even (which is huge as my skin is usually uneven and combo). The Bonze & Brighten is lovely for contouring or a bit of color added for that beautifully healthy glow.

Full size Balance & Brighten is $31 with a whopping 9 grams of product!

Full size Spackel is $25 with TWO OUNCES!!!!!!

These prices are phenomenal.

And to let you all know - Ulta is having several great deals going on, 20% off your ENTIRE in store purchase!! As long as you have your coupon, so sign up for their mailing list! And online deals are hot too - FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDER $25 and up!! The code at checkout is: HOLIDAYSHP25

Happy Shopping!

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