Friday, October 21, 2011

NEW GIVEAWAY- This one you'll love!

Recently I was granted the opportunity the review a pair of earrings from a wonderful Etsy Shop & Owner located in Poland, MMAGDA. She makes the most adorable miniature, polymer clay dessert replica jewelry. When I saw her creations, I was stunned - the detail work is over the top intricate! From dazzling donuts with delicate sprinkles to insatiable ice cream cone earrings - your sweet tooth will be begging for more!

I was sent the Blue Cupcake Post Earrings to review and to keep - I was so happy with this set of earrings - hypoallergenic, not once did I feel them on my lobes. The posts did not turn my lobes green or make my ears itch; they absolutely were a joy to wear from morning into the late evening hours - I actually forgot that they were on my ears and went to bed with them on!

Her selection doesn't stop at cupcakes - she has the most delectable macaroon earrings, chocolate chip mint ice cream cone earrings, cupcake rings with different colored "cups", necklaces with donuts dangling from the silver's as if you walk into a virtual sweets shop!
Her pricing is very reasonable as well - the pair of earrings she sent me retail in her Etsy shop for $9.50 USD - the higher end price cuts off at $12.00 USD.

Shipping - I was quite happy with the amount of time it took from the date she shipped to the arrival date 0 less than 14 days coming from Poland to Seattle, Washington. Talk about fast service!
Shipping is $2.00 if you live in Poland and $4.00 anywhere else in the world.

I am currently hosting a Giveaway for one (1) lucky winner to get the chance to pick out ANY ONE ITEM from her Etsy shop!! And its a super easy giveaway - COMMENT ONLY!

For rules please check out the video:


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