Friday, November 4, 2011

Bronzer 101

Bronzers are a wonderful addition to any makeup routine, they can brighten up ruddy or sallow skin, complete your look, bring forth a healthy & natural glow, and add depth. There are several steps to bronzers from choosing your perfect bronzer to application - I hope this helps!

How to choose your perfect bronzer:

- You want to be sure that the bronzer you pick is the right one for your skin tone - always remember that your skin tone will change with the seasons (unless you tan year round or choose to stay fair), so it's not a bad idea to have several bronzer colors to take you through the entire year.

- You never want your bronzer to be more than 2 shades darker than your skin.

- Bronzer looks its best when coupled with the right blush - Dimension! Dimension! Dimension! Makeup should add depth to your face - we are multidimensional, our makeup should be, too!

- For beginners, start with a powder bronzer and become comfortable using this first.

- If you tend to burn easily in the sumer or have naturally pink or red undertones to your skin, go for a peachy colored bronzer.

Shimmer or Matte?

- This will be entirely up to you. I really like shimmer in my makeup, but we don't want to be a walking disk ball - to avoid this, balance your face out - if you are going for mattes on your eyes then opt for some shimmer on your cheeks and vice versa.

- Mature skin may opt to choose matte bronzers; shimmer is not very kind to hooded eyes, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. and can actually make the skin appear older and highlight the wrinkles.

Where to place bronzer:

- Bronzer (at its's most simplistic and basic application) should be placed anywhere that the sun would naturally hit your face: Cheeks, Forehead, Nose, Chin. If you are going to apply bronzer on these areas, be sure to go with a light application and build from there (Its always easier to ADD COLOR than to remove it!). Blending will also be key...we'll talk tools soon!

- For contouring, bronzer can be placed anywhere that has a natural hollow (contouring will make you appear that you have lost 10lbs in your face!). For facial contouring, place bronzer on your temples, down each side of the bridge of your nose, the hollows of your cheeks, and chin area.
**REMEMBER!!!** If you contour your face, you absolutely must highlight as well - otherwise it appears dull and lifeless - so put a hilight color directly ON the bridge of your nose, middle of the forehead, and high up on the cheek bones (right above your blush).

Tools to Use:
There are many great brushes to utilize for bronzers - I personally like my Sheer Cover Powder Brush - its small and allows for contouring and precision. Its all about what YOU are comfortable with. There ARE specific bronzer brushes, but don't let a name fool you - you can apply bronzer with ANY brush that does your face justice!

- Good Bronzer Brushes:

1. MAC 168
2. MAC 129
3. MAC 109
4. MAC 138
5. Sigma F40
6. Sigma F80
7. Sigma F35
8. Sigma F25
9. Kabuki Brushes (Round & Flat Top)
10. ELF Studio Powder Brush
11. ELF Studio Complexion Brush
12. NARS Botan Brush
13. NARS ITA Kabuki Brush
14. NARS Yachio Kabuki Brush
15. Urban Decay Good Karma Blush Brush
16. Urban Decay Good Karma Powder Brush
17. Real Techniques Stippling Finishing Brush
18. Real Techniques Blush Brush
19. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush
20. Stila #21 Double Duty Cheek Brush
21. Sephora Collection Classic Blush/Bronzer Brush
22. Too Faced Retractable Bronze-Buki Brush

My Favorite Bronzers:

1. NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna
2. Sheer Cover Bronzed Minerals Bronzer
3. Lancome Blush Subtle in Shimmer Mocha Havanna
4. Victoria's Secret Baked Mineral Bronzer in Glowing
5. Smashbox Halo Hydration Perfecting Bronzer
6. Lancome Star Bronzer
7. Lancome Flash Bronzer (liquid/body)
8. Victoria's Secret Sun Kissed Bronzing Lotion (body)

I truly hope that this helped any of you looking for some good bronzer information out there! Sun kissed kisses && shimmery hugs,

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