Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Madame Madeline Review

I have recently been enjoying Eyelure False Lashes (#100) sent to me by Madame Madeline.com - a website that offers an enormous variety of false lashes and a large number of brands. They claim to have the largest selection of lashes on the web, and with their "Lashes of the Month" (where shoppers receive 10% off select lashes and adhesives) its a sure bet that you won't be disappointed. Video coming soon! (Scroll Down for COUPON CODE!)
The following review is based off of my experience with both the product and the company and are my views only.

Product Pros -

- Eyelure 100s felt brilliantly natural.

- They already came in a "C" shape - no shaping needed.

- They came with adhesive.

- The lashes themselves were not totally glued dow to the package, instead only the two ends were slightly adhered for easy removal.

- They can be reused!

- They come with a directions packet showing care for the lashes.

Website Pros -

- The website itself is user friendly.

- FAST shipping.

- 30 Day return/refund policy of unused lashes.

- Clearly labeled order status.

- Lashes of the Month Specials.

- Amazing selection.

- Quick Links to your favorite brand.

- Secure checkout.

- Accept ALL PAYMENT TYPES (Debit, PayPal, Visa, MC, etc)

Website/Company Cons-

- Free shipping with $100 purchase - thats a bit ridiculous if you only want a pair of two.

- When I first spoke with one of the directors they made it sound as though I would receive several pairs of lashes and would be able to "Give a COUPLE away" - in reality I was only sent TWO PAIRS. Not a huge issue, but still deceptive.

- Its not always easy to get a response back quickly via email.

- Refunds are given ONLY to UNUSED products - which for obvious reasons is a health protocol (I assume), however, thats not truly a 100% satisfaction claim right there.

Product Cons -

I actually found NONE with the product itself! I really and honestly love these lashes!

Visit Madame Madeline online now! http://www.madamemadeline.com
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Flirty lashes & Butterfly Kisses,

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