Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cocovana Cosmetics GIVEAWAY & Review

Thank you to Cocovana Cosmetics for sending me so many wonderful, high quality cosmetics to try out and review, and for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway!


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Ends December 1st at midnight pst.

Cocovana Review:

I was delighted to get the chance to work with a local, female owned small business - Cocovana Cosmetics! Located in Bellevue, WA, they are just 20 minutes from me in Seattle! Here in Western Washington we are a very tight knit community - where our products come from is just as important as whats in them to us. Seattle especially is one of the top cities in the United States for clean air and water and for their Green Efforts in technology and food supply - we make a mindful effort to have dairy, meet, vegetables, fruits all come from within 50-75 miles of our beautiful Emerald City...why should cosmetics be any different?!

Cocovana Cosmetics are beautifully and mindfully crafted from coconut wax, mineral mica, luxurious butters, and so much more. Not only beautiful, but beneficial. Here is an excerpt directly from owner Sarah Cvitkovic on their Etsy Store:
"We really love coconut and the natural benefits it provides to our beauty products. We also believe that beauty and luxury doesn't need to impact our health and environment negatively. Our vegan cosmetics and luxurious candle blends truly represent that.

Our cosmetics are made with shimmering mineral mica, luxurious butters, pure plant and flower extracts and oils. Countless hours of extensive research has been put in to making sure our products are 100% vegan and FDA approved. Who says you can't be gorgeous and environmentally conscious?

Our candles are hand poured with a creamy coconut wax blend and clean cotton wicks. We use premium quality essential oil blends for a natural and fragrant hot and cold scent throw. This unique blend allows for an extremely clean burning and longer lasting candle.

All of our products are packaged in 100% recycled boxes, natural fiber raffia and crinkle paper ribbon."

My Experience:

The Shadows: Long wearing, beautiful without primer, pigmented. Obviously I always use an eyeshadow primer, the two I chose to test these shadows out with were Urban Decay's Primer Potion and MAC's Paint Pot in "Bare Study". The colors I was sent are as follows: Sugarplum, Dreamsicle, Queen Blubee, Camel, & Sunburst. All very shimmery and very pigmented. They mixed and blended very easily without losing any color at all; fallout is expected with loose shadow but I found that it was quite minimal and easily brushed away. Dreamsicle is a very highly pigmented cool orange color that has great staying power, probably the most vibrant of the 5. Sunburst is a beautiful highlight color - its also buildable from a sheer wash of lightness to a beautiful yellowy cream. Sugarplum is where my heart is - this color is a rich, cool, deeper purpley taupe. Its satisfied my need for a multi-use shadow as it works nicely on the lid, the crease, and in the socket. It goes well with so many looks and can be worn alone.

The Blush: A loose blush was certainly a case for some concern, but again I was thrilled. "Glorified" is a sweet peony pink with lots of shimmer, goes on evenly, and complimented my olive skin beautifully. Long wearing and not dreadfully sparkly. It applied well over both powder & liquid foundations.

The Lips: 1 Wax Lip Gloss in "Havanna" & 1 Glossy Balm in "PomBerry". The Lip Gloss is wonderful, a very bubblegum pink in the tube yet softer on the lip itself. It wasn't as pink on my mouth as I had hoped for however. It stays and wears well, not sticky or "gummy", scent was pleasing, very shiny - reminded me of MACs dazzle glass. It wore evenly and I found myself not needing to reapply it for a few hours.
The Glossy Balm Lip Balm is absolutely brilliant - I chose it over my EOS! It does NOT smell like PomBerry, but actually more like COCONUT (yes!!). It says it's tinted, but I really see no tint to it at all. It may vary. Its hydrating, smoothing, and VERY glossy! It made my lips feel conditioned and pampered for hours - it wears long and is it drying in the least.

I want to sincerely thank COCOVANA COSMETICS for working with me and for sponsoring this review & giveaway. They have rapidly become a staple in my collection!


Kisses, hugs, and Superplum lids,


  1. I followed all the rules, this company and their products look lovely!! Thanks for this giveaway :)

  2. I followed all the rules! =)

    YouTube: ThePixieSprinkles

    Thanks so much for this chance to win gorgeous products! I love to support local and small businesses!

    Thanks! =)

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    Youtube: SolarSilises

    Thank you for giving people that cant afford nice makeup products a chance to own the next hottest thing. <3

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    Thanks for doing giveaways including Esty, I actually might start selling some hand-made things on there!
    - Jewels Xoxo

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