Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lime Crime Cosmetics

If you haven't heard of LIME CRIME, you certainly need to! Bright and intense with undertones of buxom beauty - pinup and noir - everything a sultry diva needs!
I have recently been accepted into their Affiliate Program and am trying to spread the word! Be sure to cope && paste MY LINK on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or any other social media that you utilize daily.

Some products I love:

- Lip Noir in Styletto & Glamour 101

- Eyeshadow in the following colors: SHOE ADDICT, DRAGON SCALES, CUPCAKE THEIF, TOP HATTIE

- Eyeshadow Primer - A Mark Goss FAVOURITE!!!

Check out the site, fill up your shopping cart, and be sure to use my link below for browsing & shopping!

1 comment:

  1. Girl, I'm actually hurt you didn't add you being a promoter right here and haven't asked people to check me out on your page recently lol...I know your busy but I just thought I would see something on a status or in your blog about being a promoter. Oh well, Love ya anyways ;)