Monday, November 14, 2011

Dios de los Muertos - In Style

Recently I was sent a beautiful pair of earrings to review from an shop on Etsy called Sevinoma owned and operated by Tracy & Dino. I was absolutely delighted by the design, color, and detail - each earring is an oblong golden colored wire with a weighty turquoise skull dangling from its base; each skull has these bright coral flowers for eyes! These earrings have gotten so, so many looks and compliments everywhere I go - so here are the stats:


- Beautiful

- The skulls are hefty, yet this also implies to me that they (the skulls themselves) are incredibly durable - they are are of a stone type material.

- The flowers in the eyes are very well adhered, they are not flimsy nor are they unstable.

- Price: Cost without shipping is $7.50 USD

- Nickel & Lead free

- They accept custom orders

- Shipping ANYWHERE is $5.00

- With another item, shipping is $1.00

- The texture and look to the skulls are very worn and vintage, for me, this rocks.


- It took an incredible long time to get from Bejing to Seattle

- The skulls themselves aren't secured to the actual wire so they have fallen off several times

Overall I really do like these earrings; they quality of the skulls themselves are fabulous, while I wasn't thrilled that the skulls fall off easily, I can reason it with the base price of the earrings - however the total cost would be $12.50 together and they do take a while to ship, the back and forth communication was adequate and they are very, very friendly people. I think that with the price and time it took to get here, I give this shop an 7.5 out of 10 solely due to shipping and cost.
There are so many other beautiful pieces at the Sevinoma Shop - from vintage molded pendants to Goddess inspired bracelets, the rings are some of my absolute favorites! Lockets and naturalistic charms give a very Victorian feel without the frill - I absolutely recommend this shop to anyone looking for the perfect Holiday Gift this year! With 685 items to choose from, you'd be hard pressed NOT to find something for EVERYONE.

THANK YOU To Sevinoma for sending me the beautiful earrings - I truly love them!

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