Saturday, November 26, 2011

Purple is the new Black

A few days ago a friend of mine from high school who is now a brilliant Registered Nurse contacted me and asked if I had any suggestions or tips for how to wear her usual favorite purple shades on her eyes and any other tips for a work-appropriate look that stays fresh and beautiful all day long!

Skin is our largest organ, and our face is the first thing that clients will see,drinking lots of water, eating right, and lots of sleep are all great factors in skin care. As an LVT I know just how crucial it is to not only have a professional attitude but also that my clients see me as someone they can trust, someone who is professional. Having a clean and awakened face is the first step.

- Use a pore restricting cleanser!

- Moisturize with a gel (Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel) that is great for oily or combo skin, especially during a labor intensive job where perspiration is inevitable.

- PRIMER - a great investment - even if you decide to skip foundation, a primer will keep a barrier between your skin and outside factors. Or if you do use foundation, the primer keeps your skin protected. I use several different primers, but the one I recommend for gals on the go is Laura Geller *Spackel*.

- FOUNDATION - Shannon expressed that she only wears foundation underneath her eyes and that it can irritate her face, I think this may not be a foundation issue so much as a brand issue. I think that if nothing else, INVEST IN A GOOD, HIGH QUALITY FOUNDATION. A "One Step" is a great idea - this will have primer in it already! Try: STILLA'S ONE STEP or HARD CANDY's JUST FACE IT.

- Concealer: THINK BRIGHT NOT LIGHT! Underneath the eyes will be a great addition to making your face appear awake and refreshed. A great and inexpensive choice is REVLON AGE DEFYING UNDER EYE CONCEALER - it helps constrict capillaries and decrease puffiness.

- POWDER FOUNDATION - this is a great option if you are prone to break outs - this will also help your face stay fresh and absorb oil. LAURA GELLER BALANCE-N-BRIGHTEN is my 1st choice!

Shannon loves her purples, she also loves looking professional - lucky for her there's a great way to do both! Here is the rundown of how eyes should be done:

- First apply your eyeshadow primer - eyeshadow should NEVER be worn without it, otherwise your shadow will crease and fade making you appear tired and unkempt.

- Now choose a light flesh toned or goldish white color to place on your brow bone. A light application will do. Also place this color right in the corner of your eye (tear duct) - this will make your eyes look fresh, awake, and ready!

- Next choose your primary purple, I like NARS purple in the Bysance Duo && Medussa'a "Electro Purple" - this color can be a vibrant purple or a sallow purple - place it on your lid up to your crease with a shadow brush.

- Now choose a taupe colored purple - something flat and slightly darker. Place this in your crease (socket) with a flurry shadow brush, blend this well - you should NOT have harsh lines. This creates depth and makes our faces really come alive.

- Now take your initial lid purple and place it as a bottom liner. Also line your top lash line *lightly* with a black liner. Or brown if you choose.

- MASCARA TIME! Use a black mascara with this look - use a mascara that lengthens and volumes - mascara opens up your eyes.

Eyebrows frame our face, be sure to fill in sparse areas with a pencil, they should have a distinct shape and an obvious apex, or arch.

- a light pink or mauve blush applied to your cheek's apples will do.

-Bronzer lightly dusted on the face (on the areas the sun naturally hits) will liven up your skin giving you a healthy glow.

As a healthcare professional, we rarely get even a moment to "fix our lips" at work - for all intents and purposes, go with a balm! I like EOS :-)

I truly hope this help, I am really glad Shannon asked about some tips because I know how how many working women are out there - MOMS INCLUDED! And we don't always have time to do every step possible to ensure a flawless face, so the above is intended to make it a little easier and help you look fresh, awake, and appropriate for work!

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